Wordplay: Mr Grevis

Mr Grevis’ latest album dropped September 1st and I’ve been given a copy to listen too and review. So without further ado, here is that review….

From the first track on this album, Full Cycle, it’s clear the direction Garry is taking. Full tilt, hard hitting truth. Blunt and full. It opens with the brave admission of the life cycle of being born into a home with domestic violence and addiction issues. It’s this truth that has me hooked into the lyricism of this album from first second to the last.

The album has some beautiful instrumentals mixed in throughout it. It’s All Good is a perfect example, with a nice bass riff to complement Mr Grevis’ lyrics its one of my favourites. Mr Grevis is completely unafraid to rap real. Throughout the album he lets the listener in on his battles with addiction and relationship breakdowns. With tracks like Rock Bottom, Hero and Let It Burn bringing forth the humbling reality of living life on life’s terms.

Theres one song in particular that grips my attention- Yesterday. Im astounded at this MC’s ability to portray a story whilst maintaining a flow. Yesterday is a song that taps at the heartstrings and leaves a message of hope. Moving forward, I Am Meth is an epic portrayal of the ice epidemic ripping through the country.With eerie sound effects and Grevis’ lyrics punctuated by a hard hitting snare, this song punches the listener in the gut. As a recovering addict I related to this song and it made me gag in recognition to the sickening side effects that the abuse of this substance had on me. Another personal favourite of mine is Generation Internet, as it takes a hard look at modern society and the lack of real connection we have individually outside of the realm of the screen.

Overall, the long awaited Game Over from Mr Grevis delivers in full. I rate this album a solid 4⁄5 stars.

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