Wordplay: Anti Social

This October, Kogz released his album Anti Social. Within weeks of release, it has hit #1 on the independent charts, and is the 17th highest selling album on the urban and digital ARIA charts. I grabbed a copy to see what the hype is all about.

The album starts with a short intro setting it’s mood and intentions- “been to hell and back this is my life on wax.” This album is a whole body experience. The lyrics and the delivery of the lyrics, accompanied by seductive beats crying out to the evil within create a chaos inside of me.

Kogz is one part of the crew that make up The Psych Ward. Do you remember that movie Hostel, with the drill bits, the blowtorch, the blood and the guts? That’s what this album reminds me of. It is clear in songs such as ‘I Am Nothing’ that Kogz is using gore rap to shock and awe the audience. There is no filter on his face, no watering down his lyricism. TWICE AS ILL Ft. Complete is absolutely disgusting and I love it. They are lyrics that make you cringe, and parental advisory is pasted all over it.

Throughout the album Rob Shaker again displays his artistry by adapting the perfect sound to accompany Kogz style. It takes me back to raging street parties with baggy pants, tn’s, caps, two glass bottles hurtling from the fists of angry teens pissed at the world. Raging graffing and fighting. Blood In Blood Out featuring Mitchos Da Menace represents Kogz crew and batters his enemies with a barrage of blunt disses. See You Burn is what I believe to be the Kogz equivalent to a love song. No, it’s not romantic at all. It’s shortm to the point and sweet.

Whyle Out! Is a middle finger to mainstream society and the materialism of the world. “I’d rather live in a mound of shit shiver and living without privilege / Repping old school hip hop and dissing this new age big booty bitches shit / They done made some bling off one bass kick.”

Change takes a different tempo and dials back the cuss spewed and takes a direction to change. I think these 2 MC’s really gel well in this track. It’s fight music. From intro to to outro with a few short breaths in between, this album will pump you up, give you goosebumps and beg you to question your reality. It’s highly likely to offend you or your neighbours, when you blast it out loud and shadow box until you involuntarily break something or the sun comes up (whichever comes first).

I rate this album a 3.5 fists in your face out of 5.

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