Gig review: SETH SENTRY at the Rosemount Hotel, 29/12/2017


Its 10.30pm on a Friday night at the Rosemount Hotel. The main stage is crawling with punters waiting for Seth Sentry to come out. The front of the stage begins to get too packed to move.

I’ve only managed to get one energy drink in by this time and I’m wondering if I will have the energy to party with the crowd that seems to be dripping with anticipation. As the clocks ticks to 10.39 cries of hell boy ring out. The energy sends tingles down my spine and I begin to tap into the source of the crowd’s excitement. I begin high fiving randoms when there are only seconds left until Seth enters the stage.

When he bursts out he blows me away with the level of intensity he smashes into his first song. Dj B.Two is Seth’s accomplice for the night and boy is he apart of the show. He actually leaves his position behind the decks during My Scene to get the crowd involved and singing the song.

Seth puts on a show. He drops more jokes than he does songs ensuring the crowd hype is maintained throughout the entire set. B.Two scratches up professionally throughout the show giving it that live earthy feel. The two gel amazingly. So well that the crowd start throwing random items of clothing for Seth to wear onto the stage. Seth busts out his cover of Frenzal Rhomb’s punch in the face which he absolutely annihilated word for word.

By the end of it, I’m seeing stars and hear the faint sound of a referee somewhere in the distance counting me out 1,2, 3,4,5,6.The onslaught continues throughout the entire set. Dj B.Two busts out the tambourine for a minute during Float Away again grabbing massive crowd participation. That’s what grabs me about this Seth Sentry crowd, it seems these participants know all the words to every song and are not afraid of screaming the lyrics down the throat of a mic held by B.Two. This is again apparent in Run. The pair is hilarious.

Around about this time Seth gets into a convo with the crowd around his freestyle raps. He then brings a local mc DT onto the stage and begins to bust a freestyle. It starts out quite nice and lighthearted and then as if on cue takes a bit more of battle feel than a cypher, there are references to old age and Bunbury in the mix. This lasts for a good 5 mins before it tapers off and I’m left in awe of this mc’s obvious ability to freestyle to the point and on cue. From here we go into another crowd pleaser Hell Boy. Now, the song is amazing and in my books doesn’t really need much amping up, but at the beginning of the song, Seth makes a quick remark about how B.Two will be crowd surfing for the first time during this song. The bloke got me hooked. Sure enough halfway through the song the beat hits a loop the lyrics drop out and B.Two dives into the crowd. He makes it all the way to the back of the room and up to the stage. Legit the best ever crowd surf that I’ve seen. (outside of Bliss n Eso with their blow up boats).

My favourite moments of the night include the intro To Dear Science which included a full army salute and a real live hoverboard prop. ( I wouldn’t trust the thing to hover though) and the encore which was an all-time favourite of mine, The Waitress Song. All in all Seth Sentry is a truly unique entertainer that will have you hooked from start to finish of the show.


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