Q&A with Thundamentals

Wordplay Australia had a chat with DJ Morgs from Thundamentals ahead of their tour, Decade of Thundakat.

Were you planning to drop the follow up album in 2017 or was it a concept conceived after you began writing “Everyone We Know?”
I suppose we are always looking to follow up on working on new music. I think the concept of the album was formed during the making of the songs for the album.

What is the creative process behind a new song?
We haven’t really stuck to a formula when making new music. For SWCR, me and Poncho were just writing lots of music and tossing beats around for the guys to write to. For this album, we did more collaborative sessions where we would all be in the same room making it from scratch together.

What artists would you say are the biggest influences on Thundamentals’ sound?
The homies, Hermitude. They have kind of been our mentors since day dot – up in the mountains. They have continued to evolve their sound and have inspired us a lot over the years.

This year marks a massive year for Thundamentals and with this comes your tour. Over the past 10 years what has been your favourite show you’ve played at?
Groove in the Moo tours have probably been some of the funniest times. They create a good environment for bands and artists to meet and tour together. But I think touring Europe with Hilltop Hoods was probably the most memorable for me!

If Thundamentals had a mission statement, what would it be?
Spread love and positivity while having a good time making music.

Thundamentals made number 8 on the 2017 Hottest 100 List with Sally [on Triple J]. Can you explain to us how you felt when you saw this?
I was actually pretty chilled out on that day – I was at home listening. It’s overwhelming really, I mean, I don’t ever feel hugely connected to these things sometimes. Almost like it’s happening to someone else, and I’m just watching.

Recently Poncho has left the band to pursue another career. How has that impacted the band and it’s sound?
Poncho is my MFing boy – and it’s a tragedy that he isn’t around day to day with me anymore. We [the band] are still working at the same pace and have been enjoying making new sounds. It’s always going to have an impact with him leaving – hopefully he will be helping out with some music in the future, though.

Which state has the best pre-show fruit platter?
Banana Republic.


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