Mad Fappa Mania 2- Feb 27th At Tetsuo NC [Gig Review]

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What a well-rounded exciting show. The venue was lit. From the minute I arrived, my eyes were glued to the stage with different acts every 20 minutes! From battle roasting to burlesque to hip-hop to hardcore, there was something for everyone. The only thing I believe the gig was missing was a decent crowd. What potential. It was quite a shame the gig clashed with at least another three hip-hop shows. I myself had to split the night up – but luckily, I was able to do it in a way so that I didn’t miss any of the hip hop acts.

Soma and Dj Silence started. I’ve witnessed Soma before, and though he has a slow stage presence, I find his raps very tight and his vibe something to cruise to. Coupled with a Galen’s cap and Hawaii cap, Soma caught my attention.

Another act that blows me away is Ben Catley. Although he is an alt-roots musician, he deserves a special mention for his powerful use of his guitar and his unique style of singing into his guitar; to concoct an echo-like sound that grips me by the soul and takes me on a ride. Also, Bluntfield jumps up towards the end and throws a rap over the top that really peaks my attention. (Possible co-lab in the future??)

Next up is one of my personal Favourites Marksman Lloyd. A local emcee breaking through, big time. I believe his use of the crowd and crowd participation was the key to this emcee’s future success. One of Marksman’s trademark moves is to ask the crowd to hold up random objects for the emcee to use in a freestyle. Tonight, he brought something new to the table – either because the crowd wasn’t at full capacity or just for the hell of it. I’m not sure why. He chose a random audience member to come up and give Marksman some words to use. She was a beautiful lady that chose to be identified as “what’s her face”. Now I’m not sure if it was intoxication or shyness that caused “what’s her face” to freeze but that seemed to be what happened. Even though the inspiration Marksman was searching for was lacking, the Perth
emcee managed to keep the flow going using whatever he could find and whatever he could literally draw out from “what’s hey face” – it was great. Marksman had catchy tunes with thoughtful lyrics and delivered, regardless of the crowd capacity.

Next up was a roasting with the champion Double D’ DANIEL DELBY and the challenger Shock’ SEAN CUBITT – hilarious. To end the round the boys rap battled and the quality of the raps were high. Though it was written vs freestyle, they were direct poignant funny and absolutely offensive. Everything I love in a rap battle. The reigning champion remaining the King of Fap.

Next on my highlight reel was a little lady name Ava Royale AKA ‘The Lady in Red’. A strong change in tempo. With a jaw dropping routine coupled with complementing music, Ava’s Burlesque dance was a nice refreshing addition to MadFappaMania’s Fringe World edition. There is a moment in the dance where she rips off her button up pants and flicks them into the air and they get caught on an overhead wire, and I’m left wondering, “did she do that on purpose?”

Last up for the hip hop line, and the host of the mania that is Madfappa, was Bluntfield. Although he had an issue with feedback in one of the fall-back speakers, causing a squeak on occasion, Bluntfield delivered a crisp high energy performance. Performing a few of my
favourites from Right For Admission. This man has a voice that needs to be heard and an ideology for all to contemplate.

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