Worldplay: Horrowshow at The Rosemount

Friday night. It had just hit 9.40pm as I walked through the doors of the main stage at the Rosemount Hotel. I looked at my photographer, Mat, and told him to get in the front, to enjoy the show, and I’d see him when I came back down to earth. The second the words left my mouth I felt the atmosphere change. The band, followed by the boys of Horrorshow, had entered the stage.

To be honest, I wasn’t 100% sure of what to expect in regards to the acoustic element of this tour, but I knew it would be a great set having seen Horrorshow live at this venue before. Personally, I love the Rosemount— it has been a local favourite of mine for a long time. I am a regular at the One Day block parties, but that’s a story for another day. Adit and Solo sat in their chairs and began the show. It was a really surreal moment as the music rolled on and I realised that there was no compromise in quality of the songs even though they were being played live.

Horrorshow killed all of the favourites off their new album including Cherry Blossom, Push ft. Morgan Bain (a local talent that Solo had just met that day to fill in for Taj Ralph),  and Ceiling Fan. They also dropped some of their older classics in like Walk You Home and, the song that really stood out and punched me in the gut, In My Haze. Though I tried and tried to get the set list, the gods didn’t see it fit for me to grab it and I guess this experience was exactly the reason for it. As a die-hard fan, hearing this song took me back to when I first heard the track off the album Inside Story. I related to it. It sent shivers and goosebumps down my spine.

Although Solo did have to make do without Jane Tyrrell, he killed it. The respect this artist showed to his band and the venue was actually extremely impressive, taking moments out on a few occasions to thank the band and the crowd for the night, and referring to the crowd as his mates throughout the song How We Get Down. The crowd ate this up and although I was right in front of the speaker, I could hear the crowd singing along to the lyrics over the crackle. There was actually a moment when there was some kind of sound error and either the mic died or there was glitch down the line somewhere and the crowd just filled in. I fucking live for those moments. It’s in these moments I think the artist has real time to show what they’re made of. Solo’s a professional and took the crowd for a ride, stopping the show midway and asking a crowd member to “get me a whisky, just straight.”

So where was Adit in this whole ordeal? I mean, he is one half of Horrorshow is he not? Answer: the bass guitar, bopping away the entire set. These cats are truly talented artists. For the last two songs, Solo got up off his chair and had a dance with the crowd, even coming down to the front row to get a closer look at the sexy minxs of Perth.

The show ended quite abruptly but I had seen this game before. In great form, the crowd yelled for one more song (to my disgust I might add… I wanted at least another 3 songs) as loud as they could until Solo came back onto the stage all by his lonesome and began to bust out the intro to Eat The Cake. It wasn’t until about 30 seconds into the song that the band came in and kicked it. There were also quite a few local talents in amongst the crowd including the likes of Complete, Bitter Belief, Mr Grevis and Drapht who all came along to enjoy the show. I had a ball, especially for a last minute add on show to the tour. Horror Show and their live band absolutely nailed it.

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