Divine – Feelings. Review


Last year divine dropped his latest album feelings. He sets the mood at an emotional depth baring all and becoming vulnerable, within the intro to the album.”Just for you all to see everything about my life give you all of me” The production is crisp.
During the first minute and a half of the second track, “Eyebrows” I find myself questioning Divine’s sanity. He legit spends over 90 seconds promoting perfect eyebrows. It’s not till the second verse that the mockery of some women’s vanity and trends of today’s society actually kicks in. This is where I find the album takes an intelligent spin.
The next track, Halo, has a catchy beat and quick-fire lyrics.
Nervous to face you takes a slower turn and deeper feels. A letter to an ex is my interpretation of this song. Deep and meaningful lyrics with a bitter twist. It touches on how love can be a drug. Under a spell starts with an interesting political sample. In this song, divine begins to question the social norms. I really think this song is the focal point of this album and has to be my favourite of the album. Under a Spell is truly what I think hip-hop is about. A view of today from the eyes of a poet. Though it is quite brutal with reality, it leaves me with a sense of “man I hope we can change this”.
Run from me is another grim love song about the reality of looking for love in all the wrong places. Another slow but heavy beat. “You ain’t dance with the devil you ripped him outta the floor” Divine is at the forefront of honest rap. Take me away is another truthful song about the reality of living a harsh life, without parental supervision. The hard-hitting lyrics really look deep into the life of the underprivileged. Divine gets really vulnerable about his history and childhood life. It strikes a chord inside. I can’t help but feel.
The album winds down with Ride With Me. Its an uplifting vibe with inspiring lyrics. Overall Divines album feelings is a journey into his mind with it all laid out. No question Divine gets honest and vulnerable with a sense of pride and ownership of his life and the road traveled.
I rate This album 3 out of 5 stars!

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