Divine and Uncle Sam at The Rosemount Hotel – EP ‘7’ Launch [Gig Review]

On the 23rd, Divine and Uncle Sam hit up the 459 stage at The Rosemount Hotel to launch the EP, 7.

The entire LP was recorded in one week, live on Facebook. Something that I personally have never heard of before. From the very first song Divine attacks the show with balls out. For an LP that’s brand-spanking new, there’s only one spot where I notice Divine drop off with the lyrics. An exceptionally good performance for an album so fresh. Divine finds a space to work the crowd really well. He drops a few songs from his Feelings album which I catch myself singing along
to, such as Halo and Eyebrows.

Uncle Sam‘s production and beat making skills are apparent. I love what he did with the short amount of time they had. His beats as very bassey and heavy-hitting and Divine creates room to move from the deeper heartfelt songs such as My Heart to the adrenaline-pumping chorus, bringing songs such as No More. I can recall at least 3 different moments in the set where I’m standing on a bar stool dancing along to the beat and singing to the lyrics. Towards the end of
the night, Divine asks a member of the crowd to jump up on stage and throw a verse into the song, creating an element of crowd participation you can only get from a local hip hop show.

All in all, I think this whole project was a massive effort from both Divine and Uncle Sam. These two are definitely on the Wordplay watchlist for the future.

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