Classic Ill by Downsyde: A Review

Words by Scott Wright

I just finished listening to Downsyde’s new album Classic Ill released in December last year.

Right off the starting line Track 02: Only  Got Now ft.  Porsah Laine, they bring the straight fire. I have always enjoyed Dazastah’s voice and he kicks off the first verse, giving me chills and taking my memories back to songs like Front Line.

The piano beat has an old school feel to it,  with ascending chorus instrumentals throughout. The chorus and melodic singing at perfectly timed intervals give even the more straight-edged listener a chance to digest the lyrics.

As  I progress through the album things get changed up a bit, again giving any listener a chance to ‘get amongst it’.  Number  05,  Memory Lane instantly feels like something you may hear on the radio from Hilltop  Hoods, with the upbeat instrumentals and almost disco style chorus.

Number  08, Borderline has a mix of upbeat and catchy instrumentals and starts off with some decent multis.  I recommend this track, it is catchy and original.  A few scratches with Dazastah again bringing that awesome feel to the last verse with his voice.

They have thrown in an interlude at Track  09, to remind listeners who they are with some chorus-­‐ey,  SBX vocals over a chill beat.

In the interest of leaving something for listeners to unravel themselves, I  won’t go into too much detail on each track.

This is definitely worth a listen and delivered exactly what I expect from these guys.

I rate this album a 3.5 out of 5 and recommend you all get amongst it.  Downsyde keeps on improving each time they drop something and I’m sure the next year will be an interesting one from these guys.

They are prominent in the  WA  scene and are continually making a name for themselves that grows bigger each song.

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