The Sentinel: Review

– by Andrew Charlton


Now we draw close to the end. The Sentinel is the fifth book in the Sundering series Troy Denning. With only one to go, you’d hope it would feel like we’re drawing to some kind of close, some satisfying conclusion. This book though, was pretty disappointing.

The premise certainly sounds interesting. Four chosen have to deliver a god’s eye to a shrine, to stave off the end of the world. Each of them represents a different god and has different powers, and their varied personalities make for a dynamic group.

But this falls flat. The book is by far the shortest of the Sundering series at only 281 pages, and you can certainly feel the shortness in the pacing. Things feel rushed, out of nowhere characters are in love with no real lead-in. Things just seem to happen, because the author knows they’re running out of pages.

Things feel rushed, out of nowhere characters are in love with no real lead-in.

The main characters were entertaining enough, though their motivations sometimes felt contrived.

However, whilst Arietta, the noble in disguise felt interesting at first, she seemed to progressively lose her character more and more as the story went on. She is one of my greatest irritations with the book, because we’re meant to believe she’s a good person, and pure. Yet some of the decisions she makes and some of the things she does are genuinely horrible.

With her ability to charm someone’s mind at a touch, she forces people to do her bidding and throws people’s lives away happily, yet we’re to believe she’s pure and good. It didn’t feel like a clever subversion of expectations, it just felt like the author didn’t understand the implications of her abilities.

After The Reaver, The Sentinel really fell flat for me, short, uninteresting, and not particularly well written. I’ve adored The Sundering up to this point, but if you’re invested in the series, I would honestly just skip this one.


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