Pokemon in an eclipse: Sun and Moon’s new Pokemon

– by Andrew Charlton


The attention of most Pokefans at the moment is centred purely on Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game that encourages people to get out and on your feet to go catch some Pokemon in the real world. But Sun and Moon is still nearing the horizon, and every week we see new Pokemon.

I think it’s a real shame too. Pokemon Go’s neat and all, but it’s not a real Pokemon game, and Sun and Moon looks very exciting indeed, even for a casual fan like myself.

After all, who couldn’t be hyped about the new Pokemon we’ve seen so far? Anyone would be interested in the likes of Tapu Kuko, a new deity Pokemon who looks to be inspired by Aztec theology.


An electric/fairy type, it’s one of the coolest looking Pokemon I’ve seen, described as a fickle but curious god. As interested as I am to see it in the games, I’m even more curious as to how it will appear in the show when Ash makes his way to its island.

Not counting the games two signature Pokemon, Solgaleo, a lion Pokemon who ate the sun, and Lunala, the beast that calls the moon, there are new Pokemon for us to admire that already catch my eye to join my main party.

Take Drampa for example, a placid dragon who’s appearance looks to be inspired by Japanese artistry, described as friendly to Pokemon and humans.


Or Bruxish, a frankly bizarre looking fish Pokemon, who knocks people unconscious with psychic powers produced by grinding its teeth.

My favourite of the new Pokemon we’ve seen so far is definitely Salandit, Pokemon’s first ever Fire/Poison type. It’s described as devious and clever, more than making up for its physical weakness. It survives by knocking its prey and predators off balance with noxious gases and agile moves.

Salandit’s set to be my main man (or woman) for my journey to become the very best, like no one ever was, but there are plenty more to see yet. Who will you pick to make the journey with you?


Photo credits: ytimg, selebii

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