‘Pokemon Go’es for a walk.

by Andrew Charlton


Yesterday in Perth CBD, thousands of people gathered together to make a walk across the city, capturing Pokemon together and doing their very best to help each other become Pokemon masters.

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality game for phones that makes you a Pokemon trainer, and puts Pokemon in the real world for people to go out and catch. It can have you walking miles to capture a single Pokemon, and has very quickly become popular worldwide.


Founder of Perth’s Pokespotting Facebook page, Michael Winsall says, “the game is the closest we’ll ever get to becoming Pokemon masters,” and truly living the dream the Pokemon company has been selling us for twenty years.

Plenty of others agree as well. Stacey Hall, who was at the walk, said that this is the closest we’ll get to living the dream of capturing real Pokemon. At the walk, she caught an Aerodactyl, a very rare Pokemon, along with some of her favourites, Hitmonlee and Fearow.

Rachel Van Zwam, a friend of Stacey’s, also caught an Aerodactyl. She says that the draw to the game for her is the “sense of adventure you get actually wandering Perth,” along with the sense of community that’s rapidly sprung up worldwide over the game.


Rachel’s brother Cameron caught a Poliwhirl, that he says he had to run out into the rain to catch, but it was worth it.

All three of them heard of the event through Facebook, and have united with countless other Pokemon fans in their mission to become the very best.

It’s a little ironic for a videogame to get people out of the house, but Pokemon Go is doing just that. People across the world are leaving their homes to wander their cities in search of Pokemon, who knows what they’ll find next time they see the tall grass rustling?


Photo credits: ytimg, aolcdn

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