Overwatch: The Halloweeny Review of Revenge of Dr. Junkenstein

– by Andrew Charlton

October has come around! Spooks and ghouls roam the streets and though it’s not as popular here in Australia, Halloween still has a big impact on the gaming community. Many online games get Halloween themed updates around this time, and Overwatch is one such game. Boy, what a doozy of an update it is too.

Several maps and twelve characters have gained Halloween themed skins, there are new emotes and some wonderful win poses (R.I.P headstones with the character’s arm reaching out from the grave).


Best of all, from October 11th to November a new game-mode has been released. The Revenge of Dr Junkenstein. A zombie survival game the likes of Mann vs Machine from Team Fortress 2.

The players choose from McCree, Ana, Soldier 76, and Hanzo. The team of four heroes have to defend a castle gate from hordes of Omnic (Intelligent AI) zombies. All commanded by Dr. Junkenstein, a new legendary skin for Junkrat.

He summons up his allies as bosses throughout the game, the other characters who got legendary skins this update.

The Reaper… Reaper, running round as a headless monster with a pumpkin on his shoulders. Dr. Junkenstein’s Monster, a skin for Junkrats best buddy Roadhog. My favourite by far though it The Witch, a beautiful legendary skin for Mercy.

She only appears at the very end, and resurrects each of the previous bosses. Though the weakest of them, she’s the most dangerous as she will continue to heal the other three as long as she’s alive.


Beyond this skin being beautiful, I love it because it shows Blizzard really does follow through. Because from the beginning of Overwatch, there’s been a photo of Mercy in a witch costume hidden in one of the spawn areas. Alongside Torbjorn dressed as a Viking.

This is a stellar update, that’s just a tonne of fun. Though hard mode is infuriatingly difficult if your team’s coordination isn’t perfect, normal feels just the right amount of hard — and is made all the more fun by the cheesy boss intros and spooky narration.

Few games out there put so much work into limited time events such as this. I beg you to play it while you can, get your loot boxes, and get more of these awesome skins out onto the battlefields before this event ends.

Photo credits: gannet-cdn, teaser-trailer, coming-soon

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