No Man’s Sky: Noone can take the sky from me

By Andrew Charlton

No Man’s Sky is due for release this week, and it’s a title that’s gained a lot of press, especially for an independently developed game.

It’s an ambitious game, to say the least. A vast open cosmos, where players are promised the chance to find, name, explore and inhabit over eighteen quintillion planets. Procedurally generated, we at least know they’re not claiming to have made every one by hand. Regardless of that, that is still an immense world. If not the largest playable universe ever created.

Considering it’s an indie title, and a grand totaNo Mans Sky Image 1l of eleven people developed it, one has to wonder just how much detail those worlds have. Reviews are still scant, so we know very little about what the game is truly like.

It’s exciting though, because of how ambitious it is. It might fail, it might be written off as a very pretty Minecraft. Similar games have been attempted in the past, albeit in a very different scale and style, such as the 2D Terraria-rip-off Starbound.

If it succeeds though, if it succeeds we could see a whole new style of game entering the common market. A new genre of true open exploration, or it could corner it all on its own.

No Mans Sky Image 2We could have a whole new world to explore, an MMO with the longevity of World of Warcraft, but with a whole new kind of excitement.

The only game I can really think to compare this to, is Eve-Online, but that’s an entirely different sort all the same, but it’s the only thing I can think of with this sort of ambition.

A giant space trading game, filled to the brim with menus. Where real money in its thousands, is traded, stolen and destroyed through virtual goods. It’s not the best comparison, but it’s the only thing I can think to compare this to.

Perhaps that’s why this is exciting to me. That’s why this is so interesting to me as the gaming populace as a whole. It’s something new, there’s not all that much we can compare it to. I’m not sure just how well it will do, hell, I’m not sure I’ll buy it myself, but I hope in my heart of hearts that it does.

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