By Andrew Charlton

Nekropolis is a proceduraly generated beautiful Dark Souls-like game, with a unique, and vibrant art style. It’s not been released yet, but it is now right on the horizon, and the developers are doing great work to get us – those who love the souls-like genre – hype for it’s release.

Recently, they did the co-op Death Jam, alongside the twitch channel HyperRPG. They invited Dark Souls streamers to come and play the game for the entertainment of twitch users world over.

I tuned into team Wolfbrandt (an awesome name) to see what I could learn about the game, and just how hellishly difficult it’s going to be.

Team Wolfbrandt is made up of Lobos Jr, DreadedCone, Knutaf and rbFrosty, all well known twitch streamers who’re fans of the souls genre.

Once the streamers, primarily rbFrosty, stopped killing each other in the spawn point, we got into the game proper. Whilst the commentators made golf announcer impressions, we got a good look at what to expect from the game.

The opening area doesn’t seem overtly hard, and the presence of a quest system at the bottom of the screen gives players more direction than they’re used to from a souls game.

Though perhaps the ease came from the presence of three other players, and with an enemy to focus on, they all stopped killing each other, at least for a moment.

Swarms of spiders assailed the players, while they searched the walls for inscriptions and the floor for spider droppings. Apparently there is nothing in this game that is placed there without reason, and every inscription can lead to a secret, every dropping has it’s use.

Necro_launch02In the end, the two hour stream had two total party wipes. One was tactical, they needed more kills to win, so going to an earlier point where things was easier would ensure faster progress. The other happened some ten minutes after that, when they were just slaughtered. It made for a very entertaining stream.

Overall, from what I’ve learned from this stream, I’m only more excited for this game. It seems to take the best elements of the rogue-like Genre, procedural generation and carrying over to the next game, with the Souls genres very precise and methodical combat.

The game releases this week, so keep an eye out for it, I for one, can’t wait to delve down into the necropolis.

All Images from Necropolis game.com

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