Morphies Law – A mad title of morphing and gunplay

– Andrew Charlton

Morphies Law has just received its Alpha released trailer. A very unique, indie title, this game isn’t quite like any other shooter on the market we’ve seen in the past. From the studio Cosmoscope, this multiplayer shooter turns traditional gunplay on its head.

You aren’t looking just to kill your opponents here, because in this Day of the Dead robotic wasteland, every time you shoot an opponent you steal mass from that limb. If you shoot their head, yours gets bigger and theirs gets smaller. This gets more and more absurd; eventually there are giants stomping over the terrain, as robots as small as mice nip at their heels. I’m a big fan of this concept, and I have to admit I’m pretty excited about it for a number of reasons.

Firstly, this game is something different and things that stand out never fail to intrigue me. Secondly, this is a unique way of keeping the skill levels balanced. No inexperienced player need ever feel worthless. The better you do, the bigger you are and the easier a target you are. The worse you do, the harder a target you are. It’s a nifty way of giving an edge to those without as much skill.

That’s something a lot of shooters lack at the moment. In an increasingly E-sports oriented industry, those who aren’t already masters can understandably feel pretty discouraged. A lot of games these days use snowballing mechanics, the better you do the stronger you are. This means there’s no real way for those who aren’t the best from the start to get ahead.

This game solves it. It even uses that same mechanic to add new dynamics; such as huge feet which let you kick players away and huge legs which let you leap huge distances. Different limb sizes give different advantages and you can trade your size amongst your team without losing score.

Morphies Law is coming to Steam Greenlight. So, keep an eye out for it in the near future, as it stomps over with a huge body and a tiny head.

Photo credits: MorphiesLaw.com, Morphies Law

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