If Suicide Squad was an evil Pathfinder Campaign

– by Andrew Charlton


Suicide Squad was released this month, and plenty of discussion has been had about it. We all know it’s not the greatest film, but it’s hardly a bad one.

On our way out of the theatre, a friend gave me a wonderful idea. Everything that happens in the movie really does feel like an evil campaign, made up of players who’ve never done one before.

So from that, we worked out what each character’s player would be like, and what their class would be. And starting from the top we have:



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Class: Marksman, dual wielding pistols, focusing on the sniper tree.

Deadshot’s player is the guy who always plays lawful good. He’s the reasonable nice guy, usually a paladin or a fighter. He’s also very competent mechanically, and know what he’s doing when it comes to building a character.

Everything that happens in the movie really does feel like an evil campaign, made up of players who’ve never done one before.

However, he’s not very confident writing an evil character, so he went down the bad guy with a nice side tree. He’s got his own moral code, he cares about his kid, and in the end, he’s really not all that bad.



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El Diablo

Class: Wilder, prestige classing into pyrokineticist

El Diablo’s player is probably the best writer out of the whole party. His character is sympathetic, deep, flawed and likeable. But like Deadshot, he’s not truly evil, he was once evil now trying to mend his old ways.

El Diablo’s player is almost the reverse of Deadshot’s though. While he’s a great writer, he didn’t really know what he was doing when it came to building the character. So he followed a power gaming build he found online that he doesn’t really understand, which is why he’s so hesitant to join fights.



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Harley Quinn

Class: To the shock of no one, the 3.5 class, Harlequin.

Harley Quinn’s player is the nerdy girl of the group, who always likes to play hot girls. If it was a guy the rest of the players would call it fetish play, but she plays the characters pretty straight, and is one of the better writers amongst them. Her characters tend to be very endearing, but almost stereotypically quirky, even her evil characters seem more over the top and silly.

She likes finding unique ways to use simple mechanics, such as blending acrobatics with the harlequin’s skirmish ability, to keep high damage by flipping and jumping around a fight. But overall, her characters tend not to be as useful as other party members who build for power rather than gimmicks.



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Killer Croc

Class: Aberrant Aegis / Barbarian

Killer Croc’s player is Harley Quinn’s player’s boyfriend. He’s not really into tabletop games, but is here because she wants him to be. She built his character for him, to be simple to use and easy to understand. She asked him what he wanted and he said he wanted to break stuff and be some kind of monster.

He doesn’t say much because he feels intimidated by how much better all the others are at playing their character, but he occasionally quips up with what he thinks are clever comments, and the others play into them to encourage him.



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Class: Harbinger Archetype: Edge-Lord, prestige classing into Umbral Blade

Katana is the player everyone else just kind of puts up with. He’s an old friend of the Dungeon Masters, and is a huge anime fan. His characters are clearly rip offs of anime tropes, and are always brooding antiheroes. He doesn’t like the rest of the players, and only really talks out of character to the DM.

Despite this, he understands the rules almost worryingly well, and can manipulate classes and research esoteric rules to find out exactly how to get his character to do what he wants them to do, such as giving Katana her cool darkness spewing sword.



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Class: Fighter, prestige classing into the 3.5 class master thrower

Boomerang’s player is good at the game, but doesn’t take it all that seriously. He built his character top down while talking with Deadshot’s player in a bar, I can imagine the conversation went something like this.

“So this evil game, I’m going to play a guy who throws boomerangs.”

“Okay, why does he throw boomerangs?”

“He’s Australian.”

“Yeah but why is he in jail if he just throws boomerangs?”

“He uses them to rob banks.”

“How can he keep up with people like El Diablo if he just throws boomerangs?”

“They’re bladed, and can explode, and he can throw heaps at a time.”

“Alright buddy…”

He’s fun to have around, and they’re glad to have him in the game, but he is very much an odd one.



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Captain Flag

Class: Ranger

Finally, the dungeon master’s character. Captain Flag is the worst sort of DMPC: he’s perfect at everything, he’s incredibly important to the plot, and the players have no choice but to be willing to die to protect him.

The players resent the character, partially because he doesn’t even fit in an evil campaign, but his players the only one willing to run the game, so they just deal with it, and try and work around him.


So that’s all of them. If you’re into pathfinder, you and your friends could probably play a suicide squad campaign. Who knows, it would probably be more entertaining than the movie.


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