Hell of a Game: DmC Definitive Edition

By Andrew Charlton

DmC was a controversial game when it was first announced. Dante was going away, and we had a prissy little teen replacing him. We were losing the awesome 90’s vibe the games always had and losing it to a politically slanted grunge rock theme.

I was right there with the controversy when that first horrific trailer came out. With the gaunt, half-dead looking dante putting out a cigarette in a demon’s eye.

image1dmcBut that’s not how the game turned out, hell that’s not how dante turned out. After that trailers release the game and Dante alike received huge changes in response to fan feedback. Dante became much more down to earth, from a psychotic emo to a lackadaisical punk rocker.

With those changes and Ninja Theory’s expertise, turned out the single tightest game I’ve ever played with the most refined mechanics, most perfect balance of speed and action. To me, DmC is the single best game ever made.

The action is tight, smooth and fast. Once you have your two differing grapnels, you feel like an unstoppable whirlwind of violence. The games skill floor is fairly high, if you’re at all competent at hack and slash’s you can manage, you can get by.

But the skill ceiling is way off in the heavens, there’s always room to get better, to refine your reaction times, to learn that next new combo, to learn how to chain that air combo to a ground one, to learn how to counter this enemy or parry this one.

The game isn’t perfect, even if it’s the best in this reviewer’s eyes. The writing is corny, Dante is an expletive armed cheese-ball, Vergil wears an awful fedora and bosses and the environment alike tell Dante to go f*ck himself, in just as many words.

Fans hated these changes, they thought DmC was losing what made it Devil May Cry, its exuberance, its silliness. After all, that’s what makes DMC unique, in the age of the edgy anti-hero, it was the adventures of a comical arsehole with overwhelming power and endless one-liners and snark, who you love to watch but would hate to be around.

The original Dante was that exactly, he was everything a kid in the 90s thought was cool, but I think the new Dante pulls that off just as well for this newer generation. So I think the game is right in being ridiculous, it’s right where it should be, full of one liners and hilariously cringe worthy humor.

That’s DmC, but DmC definitive edition…? It’s astonishing. The higher frame rate flows as smoothly as the combat, glitches have been eradicated and new modes like turbo give the game new life for experts.

Vergil’s Downfall, the DLC expansion focusing on what happened to Vergil after the main story is included and it’s perhaps my favorite part of the game. With a darker story compared to the main game’s almost absurd one, and awesome katana focused combat.

On Xbox One the game runs better than it ever could on 360 or PS3, and it’s found a home where it will always, to me, be, the greatest game ever made.

The original Devil May Cry games will always hold a dear place in my heart, they’re what made me a gamer after all, but when I want a tightly made, refined hack and slash, it’s DmC I turn to, and I let the older one sit in my rose tinted memories.

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