Godzilla Vs Jason: Why Dead By Daylight wins out against Evolve

– by Andrew Charlton


Dead By Daylight was released by Behaviour Interactive on June 14th. The game’s already been a hit with streamers and the common populace, with lots of content coming out around the game as it rapidly gains quite a following.

Dead By Daylight is an asymmetrical 4v1 horror game. Four players play as normal people, running around and trying to start generators to open a door and escape.

The last player plays as one of three supernatural killers attempting to hunt down each player. He needs to incapacitate them, and place them on hooks to have them killed and taken out of the game.


This is almost identical to Evolve, a game released last year, which was an asymmetrical, 4v1 horror game, where four players play as hunters, and the last plays as a monster.

Dead By Daylight has a very real atmosphere to it; you are afraid of the killer.

But Dead By Daylight is going strong, whereas Evolve was completely forgotten and ignored, basically as soon as it was released. I think the reason for this is pretty simple.

In Evolve, the monster starts off weak. It has to run and evade the hunters so it can grow in strength to fight back. The Hunters are all powerful in their own right, and at the beginning of the game, the monster is essentially helpless.

In Dead By Daylight, the killer is unstoppable. No one can hurt him, you can only slow him down with obstacles in his way, and try and lose him around corners.


Whereas in Evolve, it’s a tug of war of power between the hunters and the monster, it’s never like that in Dead By Daylight. You have no way of fighting back; all you can do is run.

Its matches are short and tense, whilst Evolves could drag on for a very long time, and neither side really has an upper hand.

The big seller, though, is that Dead By Daylight has a very real atmosphere to it; you are afraid of the killer. You feel defenceless when you hear your heartbeat rise and know he’s close.

I think Dead By Daylight will last far longer then Evolve. Even though Evolve has recently gone free to play and attracted a new audience, in the end, its lack of tension will kill it.


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