Demon-emon: Satanism in Pokemon

By Andrew Charlton

headerpkmnNo, I’m not a concerned parent from the 90’s, I’m not here to claim that pokemon is going to turn my children into devil worshipping little monsters. No, I’m here to discuss the real references to the devil hidden away in Pokemon.

Now! Pokemon has some dark stuff, there’s no hiding that. Yamask’s are the souls of humans, Chandeleur’s burn people’s souls to empty husks, Haunter kills people with seizures. Pokemon can get creepy, especially when ghost Pokemon get involved.

But this one isn’t a ghost Pokemon, and somehow that just makes things so, so much worse. Meet Magearna! A steel/fairy type known as the artificial Pokemon.

pkmnimg3Magearna was created from the life force (souls) of hundreds of other Pokemon, by a human ‘scientist’ of uncommon genius. In Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel we find out its creator’s name is Eliphas, named after Eliphas Levi, French Alchemist, Occult author and self proposed mage from the 1800’s.

That’s right, Pokemon now makes direct references to alchemy, a practice most commonly associated with satanism and snubbing god. I almost have to laugh, it feels like the Pokemon Company are doing this just to spit in the faces of those who called their games satanic in the past.

Magearna, the artificial Pokemon born from alchemy (not science) and the souls of hundreds is not our only reference to alchemy though. Pokemon Sun and Moon is full of them.

There are many references to Aether, which in alchemy is referred to as the fifth element, the element of balance and all that is. We can see it’s symbol, a perverted pentagram on the arms of the new organization.

img1pkmnThe leviathan cross, the symbol of brimstone and fire, analogous with the human soul sits on the face of litten, and the other two starters form the symbols of earth and water, their respective types.

Finally, the greatest and most obvious reference of all Solgaleo, the titular legendary of Pokemon Sun. Whose biography refers to him as the Lion Who Eats the Sun, a direct reference to very common alchemical symbology of a green lion eating the sun. Which represents powerful acid eating through everything and leaving nothing but gold, the pursuit of the synthesis of gold being the single most famous aim of alchemy.

The lion is also known to represent the destruction of rational thought through rage and hatred, the sun being the human mind, and the lion being hatred.

So there you have it, Pokemon Sun and Moon might be better titled Pokemon: Alchemy, and as more Pokemon and story elements are revealed I expect fans will only find more satanic and alchemical references throughout the game.

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