Cthulhu went to Transylvania: Magic’s new cross-horror set

– by Andrew Charlton

Every set in Magic tends to have something of a theme to it. Innistrad was gothic horror, Kamigawa was eastern mythology, Zendikar was cthulian monsters from beyond the stars. Perhaps for the first time in MTG’s history though, we are getting a very definite fusion of two of these themes.

 You see, the last big block was about the return of the Eldrazi: great big terrifying H.P Lovecraft rip-offs. Only two of them made an appearance however, and a lot of people were wondering where Emrakul, the best known of the three, had gone.

With all forms of nature and undeath perverted to Emrakul’s whim, we’re forced to turn to new heroes.

 Well here she is. Emrakul has come to Innistrad, a gothic horror themed plane ruled by a vampiric mage and his personal angel of hope, who went mad and had to be put down in the previous set.

 Emrakul’s influence has spread throughout all of Innistrad, and the angels were simply the first to feel it. Now everything has gone to hell, and I couldn’t be more excited.

 This looks to be an excellent set: the card’s we’ve seen already are horrifying, a mix of vampires, werewolves, angels, and wonderful tentacle goodness.


With all forms of nature and undeath perverted to Emrakul’s whim, we’re forced to turn to new heroes. The gatewatch, a group of heroes from across many worlds, have come to Innistrad’s aid. But alongside them comes Liliana, a famous necromancer who’s been the villain of many plotlines, but in this one, she’s our last hope.

 Liliana’s new role lends new depth to the character. She already had plenty (fun fact, she’s the blue member of the gatewatch – Jace – ‘s ex-girlfriend), but only to people who read all of the backstories. In the major plotlines, she was a blank, generically evil and sexy wizard.

 This adds a new dynamic to her, because when the cards were down, she did come to save the day. I can’t wait to play with this set, and I can’t wait to see what they do next.

Image credits: Wizards, Mythic Spoiler

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