Clash of Ninja – Ninja Clan’s don’t compare to real ones

by Andrew Charlton


Clash of Clans is a hugely popular game on the app store, world famous and raking in thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. Clash of Ninja very clearly wants to be Clash of Clans, but it very definitely isn’t. To be honest, I don’t even know if this is a Naruto game.

Clash of Ninja is a… Well, I don’t really know what it is. I don’t know if this is an official Naruto game, because though he is clearly in the game, they don’t mention him in the title.

Considering that Clash of Ninja is its own rather popular series, that doesn’t list ninjas.me over here as part of it, I’ve got no clue who made this game, and I can’t find mention of it anywhere apart from its own website, which makes it a curiosity. A copyright dispute maybe, but a curiosity.


It doesn’t really have anything else going for it though. They use obvious fan-art for their characters, with clearly visible nipples through the dress of the “Newbie helper,” and their dialogue is infantile stuff like: “I found this Puppet ninja! His Taijutsu defence is high!” and “I’m not afraid, because my ninjutsu score is my best!”

Considering that this game even has an AFK button, that causes the game to play itself for you, and the combat consists of mediocre 3D models ramming into one another, I have no clue who this is supposed to be for.


Perhaps it’s for Clash of Clans fans, but considering this is a browser game, and a bad one at that, it’s hardly a big hit among them.

This game was a chore to play, which is saying something considering it practically plays itself, so until the right-holders of Naruto take note and take it down, I’d give it a wide berth.


Photo credits: huluim, zonarutopudden, Saiyan Island

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