YOUTH by Troye Sivan

-by Kate Michelle

Troye Sivan, might be better known for being a YouTube sensation, but that is about to change as the 20 year old from Perth prepares to launch his debut album – Blue Neighbourhood this year. Before its release, we are getting a taste of of the album in the first single off it ‘YOUTH’.

YOUTH’ – written by Sivan along with Alex Hope, Bram Inscore and Allie X – is the type of song that you would play at a party or the kind to have blaring out of your car windows. It makes me feel like running around like I’m a child again, and at the same time it’s uplifting and joyful. A glittery pop jam with relatable, catchy lyrics and a beat that would make anyone want to dance. Sivan’s melodic voice catches you in from the get go of the song and you’re already jamming out to the really catchy beat and electronic sounds similar to that of Lorde or Betty Who, both artists Sivan has called inspirations to Blue Neighbourhood. Or as Sivan himself puts it: “YOUTH is a song about the joy in naivety and being lost. It’s about dropping everything, running away, making mistakes, and loving too hard, and how that’s okay.” This quote comes from a little series he’s making on his YouTube channel which give his views a special insight into the meanings of each song on Blue Neighbourhood album.

Unlike songs on his EP, TRXYE – released last year – ‘YOUTH’ is a little more pop and just slightly more experimental. Sivan stands out among the wave of young artists as he uses his lyrics to stand up and speak about issues and feelings that are important to him. It’s rare to find him singing about parties and superficial things, something that you seem to hear a lot about today’s music. Sivan is actually trying new things such as the sounds of Alessia Cara or Melanie Martinez who are both singing about the issues young people of today face. While ‘YOUTH’ may just be about being young and letting loose, it runs deeper into the ideas of having a good time no matter what others say, it feels like just an enjoyable song to jam out to I’m sure other songs on the upcoming album will delve into deeper issues.

YOUTH’ is sure to be a big hit on the upcoming album Blue Neighbourhood released on the 4th of December which you can preorder HERE

Photo Credit: Troye Sivan

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