Youth Arts: It Starts With Us

– by Jasmine Uitermak-Thaung

The Arts scene is a difficult industry to break into, as many local artists know. Constantly facing trials and tribulations when trying to put themselves out there, it’s hard finding platforms to exhibit work.

Determined to change society, Propel Youth Arts have been working within the community to ensure youth get an opportunity to hone their creative abilities and passion for arts. This year Propel, in partnership with the Department of Local Government and Communities, are bringing the KickstART Festival to WA for National Youth Week with a variety of workshops designed to develop and shape young people’s desire to create unique pieces of art, a set of forums aimed at equipping youth with arts industry skills and an exhibition at Colosoul’s very own Basement Gallery to give young Perth artists a chance to have their work appreciated and revealed to the public. With so much happening at KickstART, Colosoul are here to give you the low down and share what sounds darn appealing to us!KS Workshop_Creative Crochet_Rebecca Mansell

On April 11, The Graphite Crew are heading over to the WA Museum grounds to aid in the creation of urban art masterpieces. Teaching you the basics of aerosol art and stencil techniques you’ll get the chance to take your own piece of art home with you and hang it proudly on your wall. Who knows, this could be the start of you being featured on 140 Perth.

Want to improve your skills as a photographer? The squad at Oz Light Junkies have got you covered! For all you DSLR users out there Wednesday the 22nd of April is a night you’ll want to keep free so you can take a leisurely stroll over to the Courtyard at the State Theatre Centre of WA and learn how to create light trails, light graffiti and orbs in your photography all whilst experiencing Perth night life.

Here’s a heads up for you Instagram fanatics, even if you don’t own a DSLR you can still get in on the photography action using your smartphone for a cruisey Sunday afternoon on the 19th. A little birdie told us Photoh photographer, Clem Bailey is helping us train our eyes to get the most out of our tricky iPhone photography apps and show off some aesthetic visuals with newfound skills. We know where we’ll be!KS Market Day 002_Jessica Wyld

If you’re more of a discussion type person then Propel’s forums are for you! They’ve sourced some sweet cozy venues and some influential personalities (anyone know the owner of resident grill’d cheese specialists ToastFace? We do!) to sit down and have a good old yarn with you so you have the opportunity to enquire, learn, and have your say about topics that hold a spot in your heart.

With the issue of identity frequently arising and the media providing cause for concern with recent adverts, the forum ‘Identity Politics’ is here to break the issues of identity down for you and pick at its innards. Advocates, educators and members of the LGBTQIA community will discuss the impact of both gender and sexuality on identity covering areas such as fashion, transitioning, coming out, mental illness, feminism, acceptance and family at the Ol’ Dirty Basement at Toastface Grillah from 6pm on the 21st of April. Will we see you there?KS Market Day 001_Jessica Wyld

No matter who you are or what you’re doing this April make KickstART Festival a priority and delve deep into Perth’s art scene as Propel opens it up to the public. Educate yourself on youth arts and issues within the community so you can make a change. It starts with us.

Photo credit: Propel Youth Arts

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