Year 12 Perspectives

– by Rebecca Westlund

It has become an annual tradition for the Art Gallery of Western Australia to hold a showcase exhibition for recent high school graduated artists. Run at the beginning of the year following their graduation, Year 12 Perspectives is a chance for these budding artists to present their work to the world in a professional art setting, and is a way to gain exposure and experience in the art world.

As in previous years the 2015 exhibition holds up to expectation, and is a beautiful journey through the creative minds of some of Western Australia’s most talented young people. Ranging from oil painting and drawing to linocut and sculpture the pieces show a connection to medium and strong knowledge of artistic technique. Much of the exhibition contains complex subject matter and deep ideas which many may have considered beyond the years of these youngsters.

I was inspired by the life-like portrait styles of many paintings, and stunned at the intricacy of the small sculptures. It was wonderfully refreshing to see young artists with a sustained passion and a talent for their work as well as to know that they still had many more years to develop and grow their practice. The calibre of the works made it very hard to distinguish one which I could vote for in the peoples choice award. In the end Benjamin Chevin’s two piece oil painting depicting his drying and reminiscing grandfather captured my heart and my vote. It would be difficult to tell the difference between many of these works and those of long time artists and I encourage those of all ages and arts interests to enjoy this exhibition for themselves.

LOCATION: Art Gallery of Western Australia
OPENING HOURS: Wed – Monday 10am – 5pm, June 1.


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