Yacht Club DJs Ready for One Last Party

– by Alice Newport

1620512_10152618632132808_8215806524476940470_n-250x250We spoke to Guy from Yacht Club DJs about their final tour, what’s next for them, and the music scene they have been working in.

So in three weeks you embark on your farewell tour. Is there much you’re doing to prepare yourself the Hooroo! Tour and the new anniversary of the Day of the Dance Floor? Lot of a push ups (laughs). We’re getting a final mixtape together so we’re just working on that and I’m just trying to stay healthy so I’ve got a bit of reserve for when we start touring again. Those are the main things. Making sure we’ve got our set really good and we’ve got a mix of new stuff and things people have enjoyed over the years.

What can we expect from the tour? Anything different to your previous shows? I guess it’ll be more of an eclectic mix than we’ve done over the years. We’ve always tried to do that but this will be more of a 50/50. And just the same deal as the last 8 years or so, making sure people are having a good time.

You’ve just announced some of you tour supports. What’s special about the bands you’ve chosen to support you? We’re friends with all of the bands we’ve picked. They’re all our first choices for each of the places we were looking for. We’re so glad they’re all able to do it. DZ Deathrays actually hit us up before we’d thought about our supports for the tour and just as soon as they heard we were breaking up, they were like, “Can we come and do some shows?” and we were like, “F**k yeah you can, that’d be awesome!”

You’ve said that the reason you’re hanging up the hat, so to speak, is because it’s time to “focus on other endeavours”.  What does that mean? What have you got in store for us? We’ve both started talking about it this at the start of this year. We’d just done a big international tour and we just started thinking that we’d done everything that we wanted to do with Yacht Club. We decided that we didn’t want to be those guys who were turning 40 and still trying to party with the kids. We wanted to do something different. We both feel like Yacht Club has a fun youthful energy and we don’t want to keep doing it when we can’t bring that energy to it.

As far as doing the next run of stuff, I think Gaz is planning to move overseas. I think he is planning to move to Berlin, and I’m thinking of moving to LA maybe next year, which isn’t something we’d be able to do if we were still doing Yacht Club. I’ve made a bunch of songs that I’m going release next year and I’m working on an album with my band Twinsy: I play drums and produce in that.

You’ve toured and played with some amazing people over the last six years. Is there a band that you’ll never forget playing with? Every time we’ve played with DZ — I think because we’re friends with them and we know all of their songs — they really blow us away, because they’re just so good. It’s rare that I go to a gig and am really blown away. Most of the time I enjoy it and I try to go to a lot of their gigs, but it’s pretty rare that I walk away thinking, “That was amazing.” DZ and Violent Soho I’ve seen quite a few times now and we’ve become quite friendly with them over the years, they’re just bands that are so consistently so good.

Neither of us were big fans of Mumford & Sons before we toured with them last year. But after a few shows, just watching how good they are and how they keep your attention for like two hours. I mean, they’ve only got two albums. That was really great and I really like them now. Their sets are crazy; it’s almost like a metal gig, like full on mosh pits for their faster stuff.

The other one is Lady Gaga. She’d just put her first single out and we were the support for her. There were all of these rumours going around that she didn’t sing, that she didn’t write, that she was just a puppet. But then she’d come out and just sing a capella for like five minutes without a DJ or whatever. She’s an amazing singer.

The scene is bursting with new talent, in every genre. Is there a DJ or DJ crew that we should be looking out for? Water Face: they have a cool, deep house kind of vibe. It’s got a watery kind of vibe, it’s hard to describe. A couple of guys from Ballarat are doing that. Another couple of guys from Ballarat: Stink Club. And the rise and rise of Peking Duk is just awesome, I think they’re doing awesome shit and they’re really nice dudes.

You’ve got this tour that’s spanning from Hobart to Perth to Adelaide. Is there anywhere other than your home town that you’re really looking forward to playing? I want to say it’s the big ones. We keep saying we did our first show at the Karova but we actually did it at this shitty nightclub up the road; it was like the super club in Ballarat, it’s not open any more. We don’t count that ’cause I didn’t play, I just kind of jumped around. Our first proper show was at the Karova and we’ve played there a lot over the years and they’ve always been so good to us. Hobart is always awesome. I’m looking forward to all of the shows. I can’t really single one out.

If you could say anything to your fans who are going to miss your music and crazy performances, what would it be? I just hope that you’ve enjoyed it over the years. Rest assured we’re doing it because we feel like we’re doing the best shows we’ve ever done and we don’t want to f**k that up.

There’s always been this weird, cult thing that no one in the industry, or us, really understand. You know we’re never sure if people are even going to come to our shows, because we don’t have record sales, so all we’ve really go to go on is Facebook. It’s just been this weird, random thing that we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of all this time.

Yacht Club DJs are playing their final WA shows at the Amplifier Bar in Perth on December 5, and the Toucan Club in Mandurah, December 6.

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