Wonderland 2014

– By Dylan Smith

Wonderland Festival, Saturday 20 December, Supreme Court Gardens

This year’s Wonderland festival marks the fourth birthday of the annual Perth event, and to be quite frank, ain’t no four year old I’ve ever met has had a birthday party as whack as this was. For those of you not fortunate enough to have made it this past Saturday I’mma get straight to the musical highlights.

Slumberjack inaugurated the day for me by throwing down a pumping set which, over the course of 40 sweaty minutes, featured all of the tracks off their recent self titled EP, several marvellously DJ’ed remixes and refixes, as well as a track I’m certain I’ve heard no-one but Slumberjack play before (possibly an unreleased single being kept under wraps?).

Following Slumberjack on the main stage was the melodic uncle-niece duo; Willow Beats. The two delivered a bubbly performance, characteristic to their namesake, and dropped a few of their earlier, harder oscillations towards the end of their set which, to paraphrase a fictitious criminal lawyer, had just the right amount of dirty. I even spoke briefly to Kalyani, the niece half of the duo, during an intermission and got to express my humble fondness for the groups work.

The Pilerats DJ’s kept the music rolling during the main stage swap overs with a wide array of different genres, and if at any time that didn’t tickle the Wonderland crews fancy, there was the silent disco.

Consisting of three channels compiled of pretty much any electronica you could want, the silent disco pumped out countless fat beats, including some wubby drum and bass, well-timed rap, rhythmic moombahton, trap and even some pop. The most notable outlier I heard was Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’ (a classic in its own rights), and of course, Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ made a feature… more than once.

As the night unfurled over the Wonderland green, more splendiferous sounds rang from the main stage. Most notably was Wave Racer, boasting his warm synths and wavy trap to the crowd, topped off by some illustrious sea-themed visuals (I wore my dolphin socks just to have the edge on the dance floor for this act). The night was then brought to a mellow end by the tropical sounds of RÜFÜS.

Those who were there can agree with me that this festival definitely had a much chiller vibe than most other giants such as Stereosonic or Future Music, and those who weren’t are just gonna have to take my word for it until the next time the rabbit hole opens up in Perth.

Photo credit: Wonderland (Colosoul photos coming soon!)

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