Women in Music Series: Interview with Tashi Hall

– by Leah Vlatko

Tashi is a local musician passionate about sharing her gifts with others. Her incredible knack for creating a full band sound is inspiring, resulting in uniquely textured music. Her first EP, Gratitude, left us blown away at its layers of sound, an original fusion of genres that is special to this talented young phenomenon. Having recently returned from Melbourne, she is excited to begin working on another EP, and continue playing local shows.

In anticipation of her involvement in our Women in Music Festival this Wednesday, we asked Tashi Hall to share with us some of her artistic journey, relationship with the music industry, and favourite songs.

Upon being asked what her musician origin tale is, Hall explained that music had always been part of her life. ‘I never just decided that I wanted to be a musician,’ the talented songstress shares, ‘music weaved its way into my life at a very young age. I started playing piano, then violin, and when I was 12 bought a drum kit and acoustic guitar on the same day.’ For Hall, the transition into musician was a natural process that formed over time.

She is excited for the Festival, and is proud of the powerful and influential role of women within the industry. ‘Music is for everyone and I’ve definitely got to know some amazing female artists over the years,Hall says,if this festival helps female musicians realise their importance in the industry then I’m proud to be contributing and supporting.

‘It is really exciting to have an all-female line up,’ she continues, ‘I was stoked to be asked to join the festival.’

Creating beautiful sound comes naturally to Hall, and she explains that all aspects of life are inspiring to her. ‘I go to gigs and listen to a large variety of music,she says, ‘anything that is slightly wacky or unique I like to look at artistically and interpret in some creative and musical way.’ In the event of an inspiration block, she will ‘usually just go find a nice tree to sit under, or go for a bike ride, or a walk, or just sleep, I write some cool stuff in my dreams.’

Her music is textured and bursting with life, which she attributes to her use of many instruments. ‘I really enjoy playing all the different instruments and layering them to create the sound of a full band,’ she says. The answer to which food best describes this unique sound: ‘guacamole’.

After being asked what her gig highlights have been, she explains she sees gigs as an overall experience, rather than specific events. She loves Perth, and believes it to be a wonderful nurturing place for musical growth. ‘The music scene and the people here in it are so kind and supportive and that has let me develop as a musician/self manager.’ Tashi expands, ‘my highlights have always been having the chance to meet and perform alongside such awesome people and get to keep discovering more great musicians, for which I am always grateful!’


Live music venues: Mojo’s, The Odd Fellow and The Bakery.

Films of all time: Almost Famous, Little Miss Sunshine, Love Actually.

Places to go on a day trip: Lake Leschenaultia, Hillarys Boat Harbour or mountain biking in the Perth Hills.

Favourite female artists at the moment: Hiatus Kaiyote, Feist, and Courtney Barnett.


  • Song when you’re feeling down – ‘Blues Skies’ Noah & The Whale
  • Happy song – ‘Keep Your Head Up’ Ben Howard, ‘Born To Be Wild’ Steppenwolf
  • Guilty pleasure – ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ Shakira ft. Wyclef Jean
  • Song that makes you dance – ‘Sol Y Sombra’ The Cat Empire
  • Karaoke favourite – I’ve never sung karaoke! I’d love to sing ‘Wrote Me A Letter’ Joe Cocker
  • Girl Power Song – ‘Suddenly I See’ KT Tunstall
  • Song from childhood – ‘Thank You For The World So Sweet Di Dum’ (My Pa)
  • Song that brings back childhood memories – ‘Feeling Hot Hot Hot’ The Merrymen
  • A song of your own that you have the most fun playing – ‘Shine A Light’

To listen to (most of) this mixtape and more, look up ‘Tashi Mixtape’ on the colosoulmusic Spotify.

Tashi is playing alongside a variety of other super talented Perth ladies at our Women in Music Festival this Wednesday 11 March. A creative music event in support of women and women’s issues, Women in Music will showcase an array of local talent in music. The primary focus will be on Women’s Day 2015, with support from female artists in the growing local music scene. Check out the Facebook event here.

Photo Credit: Tashi Facebook Page

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