Wishful Thinking in 3D

– by Samantha Hendricks

Emerging gentlemen’s label, Wishful Thinking Clothing, has vowed to customers and crowd-funding contributors that their suit line will be the first suit label in Perth to utilise breakthrough technology.

Founding Director, Nick Lichtenberg-McGill says $53,000 raised from a crowd-funding campaign has created a new medium for WT&Co to express their brand culture.

This new medium for WT&Co, comes in the form of a 3D scanner. This has the ability to measure customers in 15 seconds to produce and tailor the best fitting suits in the Australian market.

10841193_10154914067935603_2083448861_n“Ultimately, this is about bringing the best fitting suits to the market, and combined with Australian and Italian wools, it seems to be a desirable combination, according to our customers,” he says.

“We believe that the marriage of technology and fashion is the way forward in the future. We are already starting to see this movement.”

Wishful Thinking is currently only available online, however, Nick and his associates- who happen to be his two brothers too- are looking to amplify business development with a store in one of Perth’s major shopping centres.

The likes of Claremont Quarter, Karrinyup Shopping Centre and Garden City are in the mix for the first store with the desire to have another two scanners by 2015’s end for possible stores in Melbourne and Sydney.

The label began 6 years ago when Nick was in school with hand screen printing tees and since has developed as a brand that attracts sophisticated and fashion savvy men.

“The name Wishful Thinking came to me one night when I was trying to think of a label that represented what I believed clothing and fashion was really about: empowering people.” he says.

“I am a super enthusiastic person, and work extremely hard to ensure that myself and those around me, are able to strive that little bit further to reach their goals.”

Believe it or not, this is what Wishful Thinking was about for me”

Nick says to him and his brothers, the label is targeted to men who have this mindset rather than simply an age or demographic.

image“This is someone who thinks a particular way about their life, who wants to extract the most out of themselves and strive for greater heights.” he says.

“Our Wishful Thinking line is about leisure and fun, with great fits and fabrics, while WT&Co, our suits label, is about distinct personality and motivational drive.”

Fitting the mould, Nick is on the brink of starting his studies in Medicine with honours in neuroscience whist in the process of emerging his edgy yet classy label.

For more information check out the Wishful Thinking Clothing. 

Photo credit: Samantha Hendricks and Wishful Thinking Clothing.

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