Hot Chip – Why Make Sense?

-by Dylan Smith

Hot Chip have got some new tunes for us. In fact, they’ve put out a whole 10 track album for our listening pleasure; it’s called Why Make Sense? in which they seem to have evolved a lot. Take their 2010 hit track ‘I Feel Better’ for example. Now take the funk factor of that bad boy and multiply it by something even funkier. You’ll find yourself getting down to the answer quite similarly to the way you’ll be getting down to many of the sounds you’ll hear on this new album.

Why Make Sense? initiates itself with a seriously bassy synth line in ‘Huarache Lights’. This track, like a lot of the album, features a tight, repetitive vocal hook structured well on top of a neat percussive soundbed. Other songs having metastasised this funky hit of goodness include ‘Started Right’ and ‘Easy To Get’. The latter of which made me wanna dance bad, and I did; it’s choral vocals “fear doesn’t live here anymore” go down smooth, like a mother’s milk cleansing the pallet of a newborn.

Several of the pieces on this album contrast quite uniquely with their siblings, ’White Wine and Fried Chicken’ an exemplifier of this. It starts off super laid back, slowly rocking with a half-time beat, and rolling into a chorus that clicks like the final tetromino landing perfectly in a four-line Tetris. And yeah, its got a magnificent title.

Similarly blippy, ‘So Much Further To Go’ features what sounds like a really old school drum machine, padding the atmosphere with a melancholic, almost nostalgic feel. And juxtaposing with this originality, the synths in ‘Dark Night’ almost instantly have me reminiscing over the movie Drive and title song Nightcall by Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx.

The album ends on a cyclical note, pondering the question initially jutted by the title; ‘Why Make Sense?’. The whole compilation is gracefully touched by Hot Chips lead vocalist and his distinctive lip. A voice which somewhat reminds me of Herbert from Family Guy. Probably not the greatest reminder, but nevertheless. Hot Chip have delivered some groovy as funk sound on this new album, so if you’re into their style, I’d definitely hit it up.

Photo Credit: Hot Chip

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