Why do people need to ruin festivals?

by Sophie James

au-news-yahoo-comI decided to write this article because of the events from a couple of weekends ago at the popular music festival Listen Out. The news said it was going to rain but on the actual day the sun came out and decided it was going to be a nice day. Instead, the nice day got drastically ruined by other people who were outside the event trying to get in. Most of these people that were trying to jump over the fences were under 18 – honestly, when it is an only over 18 event, can’t you just wait until your birthday arrives?

I understand it has something to do with the ‘thrill’ of it, but why then try to hurt other people? Artists, volunteers, security and many more people were hurt by these ‘jumpers’ because they decided to throw rocks and abuse others who paid money to enjoy their day. This type of behaviour has nothing to do with the ‘thrill’; this is something beyond it.

au-news-yahooMore police officers were called into the protect the grounds and other people, as more than 200 people tried to jump over the fence. This incident resulted in three police officers being assaulted and one bitten, and over fifteen move on notices were handed out.

As I read an article from Perth now I noticed that the individuals that have been charged are over 18. They have been charged with assaulting an officer, disorderly conduct and obstructing police. This is sad that over eighteens have to behave this way to get into a music festival – they could have bought a ticket instead of ruining the day. The festival did sell out fast but they could have, like myself, waited until next year to buy tickets for the next festival. 

Image: vulturemagazine.com.au

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