Whole 9 Yards

by Olivia Senior

When you think of the Whole 9 Yards spring/summer collection, think extreme. Coming down the catwalk was volume, pretty floral, thick lace, ruffles and a whole lot of rich, deep colours. These are clothes made for women who want to be seen, however, they are also made for the women who may not want to be in the limelight but need an avenue to express themselves; the lady with character.

It was hard not to be intrigued from the start; before the show installations of moss and aluminium foil were on display. It contrasted the current era of an industrial future and natural past; a reminder of Shanghai where old buildings meet new developing ones, the distinction fascinating to look at.

Whole 9 Yards describes their vibe as ‘feminine cool’, and you can’t deny this – every piece was stimulating. Polka dots, Elizabethan and oriental inspired looking dresses and patterns, light pastels and dark infused colours, big buttons that brought back the 70s, asymmetrical jewellery, and a strong sense of elegance was seen.

It was a combination of cute and sexy; a conservative charisma.

Not only did we feel engrossed in the individuality of each design but it was also undeniable that a high level of crafting and nurturing had gone into carefully tailoring each design. This was also an experience of expertise and quality.

A black and white polka dot dress, synced at the waist and paired with a pastel pink slip was awarded gasps and a “that’s so cute” from the crowd. The saying ‘every girl should own a classic black dress’ was instantly forgotten because every girl should own that one instead.

A turquoise skirt that almost swept the floor and a black and turquoise two piece were standouts.

Wearing Whole 9 Yards is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off.

Image: missy-lia.com

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