West of the West: Goldroom’s Soundtrack to California

– by Louis Humberstone

Singer, songwriter, and producer Josh Legg began making music as Goldroom in 2011. Since then he has released a steady series of soulful Electronic Pop tracks and EPs over the years, culminating in the release of this year’s debut album, West of the West.

The album showcases Goldroom’s ability to write intriguing Pop melodies and soulful beats that sound fresh yet distinctively Californian. The album’s title was inspired by California, with Goldroom saying, “It’s always resonated with me because it feels like a destination past the Wild West – an oasis where anything is possible.”

Lead single “Lying to You” is the most radio-friendly track on the album, and draws together the album’s sounds into an infectious composition filled with a rich drum-machine beat and synth arpeggios. “Lying to You” puts Goldroom’s emotional vocals on display, building up to a point that by the time the chorus hits, it feels as though a barrier has been lifted. Of the track, Goldroom says, “We get older and things get more complicated, but I wanted “Lying to You” to bring back all of those intense feelings, when an encounter could feel like life or death.”

A coming-of-age theme runs through West of the West, most notably on “Teenage Waste”, an expressive and percussive track. Female guest vocals lift the song with an enchanting quality, leaving it with a nostalgic feel. Paired with “Lying to You”, “Teenage Waste” leaves the impression of Goldroom as a talented songwriter for the future.

Elsewhere, the upbeat atmosphere around “Underwater” carries the album along to closer “Missing You Lately”, which takes things a little slower with soulful vocals and a jazzy bassline that brings everything full circle from opener “Silhouette”.

Feel-good music with mysterious and nostalgic lyrics allows West of the West to take you on a journey of Goldroom’s California, an emotional and uplifting ride that stays on the right side of cool.

Goldroom’s debut album West of the West is due for release on 23 September via Create/Control.

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