WA BORN Presents Upcoming Designers.

By Olivia Senior

Down a backstreet alleyway and inside an old car repair shop gathered women in high heels and fur coats, and men in tuxes and swaggy outfits. Not one attendee disappointed, patrons were dressed to impressed. This was WA BORN, an annual fashion event part of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival held by the Colosoul group. Colosoul is a non-for-profit media and arts organisation that recognises the need for a hands-on space for WA’s youth. The event is a product of the team and provides a much needed and desired platform. It’s described as a ‘fashion show with a conscience,’ one that helps inspire emerging designers and showcases their works.

Up first we had rather gothic outfits, black and gold ensembles from Ellavanna Couture. They were decorated in tule, not exactly dinner-party-material, perhaps better suited to ‘scene’ venues. Of course one wouldn’t be out-placed at a dinner party in Wonderland.


Next came some pieces from fashion student Kate Hannah, each outfit was different with teddy bears on a backpacks. She is definitely a futurist with a penchant for colour and varying texture. Flowing materials and sequins, rainbow patterns and denim we in use. Her fun and quirky personality shines through these pieces. Kate Hannah is a bankable designer.


Arah came down the runway with a sexy and sensual vibe. At first I was confused but the use of what looked like wool and silk was spot on, a backless black and white dress particularly stood out.


The next few designs were by Daphne Wong. I felt warmth of confidence fill the space when the models walked. These pieces were runway material, they used geometrical cut material. I can see the potential in her concepts.


Marlie Fialho presented a divisive two-piece, a ballsy statement. The third outfit to pace the catwalk was a turn on the classic black dress, a noticeable item.


Machere Couture paraded a soft black and white skirt that would catch in the wind, a perfect fit for someone heading to a club or a festival under the sun.


Angel MS was a memorable collection boasting an ‘I’m not trying but it took me two hours to get ready this morning’ look. A laid-back boho-chic invention that the male models rocked.


Koi Girl brought an oriental feel to the runway. A kimono inspired collection, comfy for a night with the girls or to pop on at home with the company of a wine or two.


The next designer was right onto what the consumer is after now. Sons and Daughters presented all current trends of Instagram. Because of this these are possibly the most marketable items on the runway. They incorporated stripes, slit dresses and simplicity.


S.O.B showcased an amazing leafy patterned maxi dress in black. Combining corporate-formal with a fun-dressy feel, it’s something you’d wear out on a Friday night. Perfect item to dress up or down.


Qamar Designs sashayed down with metallics. There are two stand-outs, an red maxi dress and a beautiful bright blue shimmering skirt, combined with a top adorned with the explosion of colours you’d find in a Peruvian market.


Valente Couture showcased pieces for hire, better yet, pieces a fashion minded individual would want to hire. The white pantsuit and shear-black dress were stand-outs. Valente weren’t the only designer to declare green return to vogue.


All of the designers presented a uniqueness and a sense of self in their designs, though amateurish in some senses, the stage hosted potential and hard work. And although the pieces weren’t presented at a stadium or on a world stage with a substantial budget, the effort put into this prelude beamed in each detail and I couldn’t think of a better way to kick off fashion week. This is what is achieved through collaboration, for an inspiring cause that guides creatives down a pathway to fulfilled dreams.

Images by Lepak Media



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