Violent Soho

– by Kyra Shennan

Violent Soho, Friday 21 November, Studio 146

Albany’s Studio 146 in the south-west, was jolted awake for a night when garage punk-rockers Violent Soho rolled in for a leg of their ‘No Sleep til Mansfield’ tour. Covering more than 20 cities and towns across Australia, the Brisbane band’s energy was in full throttle.

The atmosphere of Studio 146, whilst usually somewhat feral, had a positively punk vibe about it. Although a lot of people were probably just happy to have a band to go see rather than the tedious top ten techno tracks that regularly infiltrate the club, there were the obvious fans and, as expected, almost everyone lost it to Violent Soho’s more commercially recognised Covered in chrome. Head banging and devil horns ensued, there were even a couple of attempted stage dives. While the sound quality was pretty average, I doubt the crowd was concerned. The quad of Brissy boys performed with natural rocker steeze- jumping, kicking and swinging around that long, lustrous hair. According to my taste, I find Violent Soho’s grungy sound very approachable for someone who doesn’t listen to a great deal of modern punk-rock; it’s not whiney, it’s not needlessly aggressive, just fun, loud music you can get a little amped up about! I was hoping they’d play a few of their older tracks like Jesus stole my girlfriend and 2012’s Neighbour neighbour. Sloshing my beer around and trying not to go completely ape, my inner punk was somewhat satiated although I would have loved to see them at a more suitable venue, like, someone’s backyard.

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