Unity Floors Stay Grounded with Latest Effort “Life Admin”

– by Louis Humberstone

Sometimes in music, simplicity is key, and with their latest album Life Admin, Unity Floors aim for a modest guitar and drum DIY set-up that sounds honest but never thin.

The Sydney based duo, comprising of mates Gus Hunt and Henry Gosling, once again set their scuzzy garage tunes as accessible Indie Rock that allows listeners to take it for what it essentially is; two friends making music and having fun doing it.

A strong part of the DIY scene in their hometown, Unity Floors play an earnest breed of Indie, with wobbly chugging riffs that recall the Noise Rock of alternative favourites Dinosaur Jr. The band’s lyrics convey a strong meaning despite their often straight forward delivery. Unity Floors have a sound that they have constantly developed to come into their own.

“Moving to Melbourne” is a slow and swelling opening track that moves around a two-chord riff. The line “I used to live here but I don’t right now/ Too busy f***ing around” is sung with an honesty that hits to the heart of what Unity Floors is all about. “Moving to Melbourne” sounds like we’ve been let into a downbeat conversation and keeps us hooked as its beat stays flat-line.

Title track “Life Admin” is a more upbeat song, keeping the dirty guitars and clever riffs, whilst taking us a step further in Unity Floors’ journey through music and life. The deadpan vocals seem stretched thin, giving life to phrases such as “I don’t know why you even bother/ You’re just wasting your time”. “Life Admin” continues the musical theme of dynamics which runs through the entire album, showing a debt to Alternative Rock of the 1990s as the songs move from loud to soft and quick to slow.

Other standout tracks include “Give and Take”, a radio-ready Garage Rock tune that continues to show the band make no attempt to hide their Australian accents, and know how to give juvenile lyrics a mature dimension. “The Cost of Living” begins with a drumbeat that sounds particularly DIY in recording, broken by the screech of feedback from the guitar, before setting off on another story of the lives of twenty-somethings.

Recording Life Admin this year with Sydney-based producer Nick Franklin, Unity Floors bring the album out at a time when they are on the rise. With previous single “Nice Fit” being featured in The Inbetweeners 2, and growing as favourites across stages nationwide, the band can expect much from the future.

On Life Admin, Unity Floors let us know what a noisy catch-up between old mates sounds like; dirty, scuzzy, occasionally heartfelt, but always fun.

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