Ty Segall kicks off Oz tour at The Bakery

– by Isadora Jarosek

Ty Segall, Thursday 11 December, The Bakery 

Supported by: Hamjam and Doctopus

27-year-old Ty Segall is certainly one for keeping himself busy, the prolific garage-punk/psych prodigy releasing both solo and collaborative work at an almost constant rate. This golden-haired wunderkind and his terrific band opened his Australian tour in lucky old Perth with some solid local support.

Homegrown favourites Hamjam set the evening off to a cracking start. Their rich, heavily Segall-inspired sound instantly began to draw in the punters. Next up were resident showponies Doctopus, fresh from their recent USA tour and at their usual zaniest. The quiet that followed this tasty little storm only got tenser with anticipation for the main act.

The restless mood soon gave way to sheer elation as Ty and the band took to the stage. A frontman of genuine charisma and exceptionally good humour, Segall’s tongue-in-cheek commentary makes him all the more likable. “We heard there was a band in Australia that was dressing up in costumes and playing our songs, pretending to be us! But we said, NO! We gotta go out there and stop those guys!”

It was a healthy balance of old(ish) and new material, from the short sharp punk bites of 2009’s Lemons to the delicious licks of his 2014 magnum opus Manipulator.

The blood-curdling grind of Wave Goodbye served as the perfect audience warmup; all hell was more than set to break loose by the time they wrapped their first song up and went belting straight into You’re The Doctor, a perfectly unrestrained 2-minute rollicker. Haven’t heard it? Sort your life out. This is the point where a now-packed Bakery really started to go off, an immediate physical reaction to those pure sexy chords.

The energy that coursed throughout the entire set was raw and sincere, and the crowd couldn’t get enough. Segall is a striking performer in both skill and magnetism, his boyish oomph contrasted with his commanding stage presence.

However, it’s apparent that he loves his little jokes and towards the tail end of the show there was no shortage of larks and surprises, from the roaring (yet, personally speaking, unexpected) rendition of Dropout Boogie to the last hurrah with Segall, his guitar and the microphone held aloft by an awe-inspired audience.

The kid who was hand-picked from the crowd as part of an “experiment”, invited up onto the stage by Ty himself, challenged to complete a continuous crowdsurf over the course of one song, given brief usage of his hero’s guitar, and had the crowd chanting his name at the band’s behest, is probably still as gobsmacked as we are.

Consider our socks knocked off xx

Ty Segall is currently touring Australia; his next stop is Melbourne’s Meredith Festival.

Photo credit: Isadora Jarosek

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