TUKA L.D.T.E tour at Amplifier

-by Carla Avendano

Coming to the last few shows of Tuka‘s L.D.T.E tour, Perth couldn’t have been more stoked with the truly amazing show Tuka along side Left. Projects gave us. The night started off with They Call Me Klasik on the decks mixing up a variety of mean music to keep up the good vibes at the venue, Left. Projects took it up a notch with her electronic dance feel and those killer vocals. Spitting out some mad rhymes with some fresh rap beats Sydney rapper B Wise kept the crowd pumping even stoping for a minute to break up a small altercation in the crowd, he definitely brought back the mood with his new track “Lately” giving a solid performance as the crowd jammed to the beat.

As soon as Tuka appeared on stage the crowd went nuts applauding and whistling. Tuka received a lot of love from Perth as he opened up with the funky sounds of “Just to Feel Wanted“, you could feel the energy through out amps as the crowd danced around. Coming right in with the beautiful lyrics from “My Star” from the Life Death Time Eternal album. Only to follow through with one of my favourite jams “Don’t Wait Up“, this got the crowd right into the party mood which worked perfectly with the heated summer night that was amongst us at Amplifier. Its was awesome seeing Tuka vibe up on stage while giving his all to the fans, he really took the time to interact with the crowd as they clapped alongside him while smashing the ever catchy lyrics to “Everything“, then jumping into the crowd for a bit of a crowd surf, its this type of action and humbleness that gets Tuka the very upmost respect from any fan watching.

While in the middle of the crowd he asked for everyone in the venue to turn around to a person they didn’t know and give them a hug, its just so clear that Tuka is here to spread the love, peace and unity that this world really needs. “Yeah Right“, “L.D.T.E” and “Down for Whatever” followed with the crowd vibeing out hard enjoying themselves just as much as Tuka was while giving an epic performance up on stage. There was not even one moment where he wasn’t interacting with his fans. Called out to all the skaters with “All I Ever Wanted” and then asking the crowd to help out with a clear crowd favourite “Nirvana“, they loved everything single minute of this number and the feeling was so intoxicating and surreal you were just taken to wherever that little happy place of yours is.

Finishing of his set with “Die a Happy Man” and the uplifting “Right By You” the crowd just hadn’t had enough just yet demanding for an encore which even Tuka himself admitted to not really doing them that often, but he came back on stage with a killer encore. He surprised us all with the latest cover of “Big Jet Plane” by Angus and Julia Stone giving the song such a different but awesome sound. If you haven’t caught the cover yet its highly recommend. Everyone still loving the energy Tuka brought on stage. Hard to keep a dry eye with the very touching “Tattoo“, but what a brilliant finish to an incredible show. Never have I been in such awe while watching such an uplifting, full of great energy, humble performer.

With his final and sold out show for the L.D.T.E tour at Mojos Bar in Fremantle, you guys are set for an unforgettable night.

Photo Credit: Tuka


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