Tuka At Capitol

-By Carla Avendano


Set for a Friday night and an early show at Capitol Tuka’s Don’t Wait Up Tour was starting off with opening act Alphamama on stage with her soul soothing vocals capturing the small crowd with her sexy dance moves as she jammed on stage. Silvertonge and Macshane warmed up the stage with some sick free-styling also giving us a taste of some of the songs off Silvertonge’s Black Sheep album. The two boys compliment each other on stage both showing some mad skills in the rap game. They definitely set the growing crowd up and got it amped up before Tuka came out on stage.

Slick as always he appears on the stage his fans welcoming him with a round of clapping and chanting, the back drop behind him was the art work from album Life Death Time Eternal and Alphamama joining Tuka back on stage as supporting vocalist and band support. They hit it right off with the funky sounds of Just to Feel Wanted which is always a great start, as it puts the crowd in the right type of mood. Mr Inside off Feedback Loop followed up next the crowd responding with singing along, by now most of his shows are filled with lyric knowing fans and it’s hard not to sing along and vibe with such an awesome performer.

His energy on stage is amazing his interaction with his people is genuine and the fans love him just as much back. Don’t Wait Up a fan pleaser and a personal favourite gets you right in the mood for a great night. Down for Whatever had him jumping into the crowd for a a bit of a crowd surf and his infamous group hug, this is where he likes to get everyone in while he’s standing in the middle to participate in a massive group hug. This brings everyone together and sets of a different even more relaxed happy vibe through out the crowd.


After saying a few touching words, My Star had everyone join in for a sing along, this is such a beautiful song and carries great meaning for his future children. A shout out to all the skaters with  All I Ever Wanted, the show just kept going which was awesome if you love Tuka and I reckon that everyone there that night did, following on with Right By YouThundamental’s Smiles Don’t Lie and Noodle Soup. Finishing off with a cover of Big Jet Plane and the deep and meaningful tear jerker Tattoo, but of course this crowd wasn’t going to let Tuka go without an encore regardless of the party clubbing goers that had started to show up. They chanted his name and one more song until he came back out and blasted out Die a Happy Man. He never disappoints and his shows in Perth are always filled with good vibes, Tuka’s Don’t Wait Up Tour was so full of energy and had a great crowd, overall it was super enjoyable.



Photo Credit: Amplifier Capitol 


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