To Judge a Book By Its Cover

 – by Cesilia Faustina

Why are you buying this book?”
Because the cover looks good.”

A pretty common answer when buying booksBlind_date_3. Let’s face it, judging by appearance is one of our strongest impulses. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is often used, but it is not something easily done, particularly book-wise. Elizabeth’s Bookshop has begun to encourage the notion of reading a book for its inner beauty by setting people up on a blind date.

The Blind Date with a Book concept provides booklovers with the opportunity to purchase a book wrapped in blank brown paper with the details of each book’s plot and genre written on the front. Thinking this could be a unique, enjoyable method of buying books, I decided to try out the experience myself. When I called in to an Elizabeth’s in Subiaco, the Blind Dates were all stacked up in front. The first thing I read when looking at it were the details of the book; I found that choosing which to buy was a little like online dating, with only short descriptions to go on. I was intrigued and spent a long time trying to choose. The ones that most interested me were ones that said “mystery”, “music icon”, and “award-winning”. I ended up choosing the one that said “multi award-winning debut novel, political upheaval in middle east, coming of age, and pervasive violence” – figured it would be a safe choice.

After a fun time choosing which book to buy, I Blind_date_2immersed myself in the suspense of opening up the wrapper. To my surprise, I ended up with The Kite Runner. It was a rather bitter-sweet reveal. I thought I would get a book out of the ordinary, or something I hadn’t seen, but ended up with a mainstream novel. Still, it was a book I have been wanting to read after seeing the film, so I decided the result was a win. And I ended up enjoying the book – The Kite Runner is definitely a good read.

The Blind Date with a Book idea is certainly an eccentric take on book reading; you go in almost clueless, and with your own built-up expectations. It takes you up to another level of reading, perhaps getting you into stories you wouldn’t have read otherwise, which sends a good message about not judging by a cover (literally). Something definitely worth trying.

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Photo Credit: Cesilia Faustina

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