Timeout with Tully On Tully

-By Patrick Smith 

Tully On Tully have been plying their trade for a few years now. Their newest body of work, the Miles Away EP, is ready for release and comes in conjunction with a string of dates across Australia’s East Coast. The five-piece indie-pop outfit is lead by the powerfully ethereal vocals of Natalie Foster. Her mesmerising voice and meaningful, nostalgic lyrics provide the perfect lead to the driving rhythms and poppy instrumentals. Think MS MR, Florence and the Machine and The Jezables.

Thankfully, Natalie took some time out of her busy tour schedule to chat about everything Tully On Tully. Take a read below and if you’re on the East Coast make sure you check them out at one of their many shows. It will be well worth your time.

How long have you guys been Tully On Tully? How did that come about?

We’ve been together about 4 or 5 years now. We all met at Uni and sort of went from there.

Were you making music before that?

I used to play with a couple of other bands, not doing much of the writing or anything. But then I started song writing and thinking maybe I could do something with that. Once I started getting people around me it became a lot easier.

 Miles Away is a huge song. What’s the story behind the song? Is it the loneliness involved in travel or is it more about the freedom of being somewhere new?

It’s literally both of those things. Its kind of written about being away from home and that freedom that you feel while your away. You feel like you can be anyone and do anything. But the backbone of the story is going home to someone who makes you feel like that.

 It was the rage indie clip of the week, what’s it like seeing your faces on a national broadcast?

I never got to see it on rage!

Oh shame! Its too hard getting up early on a Saturday morning anyway!

Yeah I know. Its really good having people that watch it and then send you a message like “woah, I just saw you on rage!”. That’s really cool. natalie fooooster

Honestly is a beautiful track, the aesthetic behind the film clip is equal to the tune. Who comes up with the ideas for your clips?

It’s always a mixture of the whole band. We come up with the idea together, but also of course with the producers and film makers and that. The Honestly clip, we worked with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met to do that. It was the guys that do Around the World in 80 Music Videos (Leo Longa and Diana Boccara). They contacted us and said “do you wanna do this clip, the premise being a one shot video”. So yeah we went and met up with them and started discussing ideas and they were just so creative. Every idea that came up would bounce around and nothing was rejected. It was so free flowing and natural. It was really amazing.

(Watch the Clip for Honestly HERE)

Is it hard to keep a straight face for that long in time-lapse?

Haha! No, well its all single photos, but it was sometimes. Especially towards the end when we did the running part. They were like, “ok on 3 pretend to be running”, so we had to jump in the air with these weird expressions. After those photos we all cracked up!

You have a massive tour coming up. Super excited for that?

Oh yeah so excited! We’ve done a couple shows so far and I think we’ve got about 6 or 7 left!

So headline shows and a number of festival slots?

Yeah we just played the Hills are Alive festival, which is one of the most beautiful festivals. I think its like two and a half thousand people with just the most phenomenal vibes

Any favourites you have been playing with?

I saw Ngaiire play at  The Hills Are Alive and I was blown away by her live performance. I loved her music already by I was blown away by every other part. There was was also Cash Sultana and Alex Lahey played there. It was really good

How come there’s no Perth dates! Have you got something against us?

I know, sorry! We should play in Perth. I grew up in Kalgoorlie for my younger years and I’ve got family over there and things but unfortunately it’s just too far away.

Its shit in the winter anyway!

What Aussie artists are Tully on Tully listening to at the moment?

There’s a Sydney band called Big White that I’m really into. A lot of local bands, always enjoying the local bands.

The New E.P seems to follow a sort of a theme of nostalgia, lowering inhibitions, testing the waters. Is that a phase your going through at the moment, a message you wanted to get across?

It wasn’t deliberate but it definitely must have been a bit of a phase in my life in terms of my lyrics and things like that. You know, looking back on the past and really making the most of what it was, and being who you are now.

How was it working with Tony Buchen (Andy Bull, The Preatures)? He’s got a pretty rad body of work under his belt already.

That was really, really amazing. He’s such a talented producer. He pushed us to new levels that I think we knew we had in us, but he just really brought out the best in all of us. It was amazing.

tully on tully fingers

Where can I get a pair of the finger glasses?

Hahaha! They are from a really mysterious little two dollar shop. The photographer, Nick Manuel, who is by the way an amazing photographer, he just came up with the idea of having these glasses on and kind of hiding our faces a little bit. They were the coolest glasses of all time. I wish I had a pair for myself.

It should be part of your merch distribution!

Haha good idea.

And lastly; Rain, hail or shine?

Definitely shine!
mile away

 Photo Credit: Tully On Tully

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