Time out with LUNA MAY

– by Olivia Senior


Mojos Bar in Fremantle is maintaining Western Australia’s reputation for birthing some of the worlds best alternative live music… and having an excuse to go out for a few drinks mid-week is always a good idea.

The stage brought rock’n’roll noises, tight red jeans, long hair and unbuttoned shirts, but it was the mellow ambient pop sound that came from 22 year-old Emma Carn that tickled my earbuds and made my bones dance.

The young artist Emma Carn now takes the stage as Luna May.

“It really just started out as an experiment, but it ended up being successful,” she says.

Emma Carn had previously branded herself as a tropical and melodic artist who only released acoustic material. After worrying people wouldn’t take her solo music seriously she decided to set herself a challenge.

“I wanted to start anonymously and take a different path with my sound without disappointing my fan base under Emma Carn,” she says.

After her performance I stole her from the spotlight and we sat down back stage away from the crowd to take a breather, and talk all about her life and upcoming exciting music news.

Luna May sings from experience, not musical experience but the real life experience you get from dating shitty boys.

To my surprise Emma only started playing guitar and singing when she was 17. In primary school her forte was classical and her instrument the cello.

Although Emma has been involved in music from a young age it wasn’t until one Christmas when her mum bought her a guitar, she become excited about playing again.

She admitted when she first started that she wasn’t all that special and she practiced a lot from YouTube videos.

“I was a terrible singer as well, terrible but I just thought it would be really cool to play guitar and sing at the same time,” she says.

Now she is making her own songs, and, a name for herself in the music world.

Luna May sings from experience, not musical experience but the real life experience you get from dating shitty boys or having bad breakups, which is nothing short of relatable.

She said she wrote her three main songs all within two weeks, all about the same boy.


“Everyone relates to love and breakups and I think that’s the topic I can connect to the most with other people,” she says.

Although she is inspired by other musicians, Bon Iver is one of many, she says that English singer and songwriter Shannon Saunders inspires her the most.

“She’s kind of making similar music to mine, she’s maybe two or three years ahead of me in her career but she’s the same age as me, perhaps even six months younger. I find anyone around my age group that’s making their way in the music scene really inspirational.”

She also tells me that although working in a male dominant industry can be intimidating, if you’re strong, passionate and confident you’ll succeed.

Luna describes her past self as ‘the shyest person ever,’ explaining that even the most confident people in the audience aren’t necessarily going to get up and sing on stage in front of everyone.

“That’s kind of a confidence boost, like oh I’m up here, I’m singing, and that’s a cool thing in itself. If you let shyness stop you, then you’re never really going to push towards your dreams.”

Luna May currently gets up on stage with Perth DJ and producer Palace, who has recently helped produce the track called games.

Singer and guitarist Christian Mechler also performs on stage alongside Luna May, featuring in the track called ‘BOY’. Christian raps and sings bringing an edginess to the softness and atmospheric sounds of Luna May.

Luna May is making herself busy and collaborating with more artists. She is currently working with Motez, which is still in the works, has a track with Melbourne producer Kamikaze, and, has a track with Oriental Cravings called Gold.

“They’re the main ones I’ve finished and can talk about,” she says.

Unfortunately come mid September, Perth will loose Luna May to Melbourne, in the hopes it can present more opportunities for playing live.

“I’ll see how it goes and if it doesn’t work out I’ll just come back,” she says.

If this is what Luna May can achieve in six months, I’m excited to see what’s next.


Photo credits: courtesy of Olivia Senior

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