Three Top Picks at Fringe

– by Julianne de Souza

The 23rd of January marks the beginning of Perth’s most artistic, strange and chaotic month: the return of the Fringe World Festival. For one month every year, local and international artists unite forces in order to transform our ever-evolving yet occasionally sleepy city into a hub of theatre, film, comedy, music and visual arts. The diversity of the line up ensures that even the fussiest individual will succeed in finding something to sate their cultural appetite. As I am all too familiar with the indecision that ensues when faced with an overflowing program, I have taken the liberty of compiling a brief list of the visual arts performances that I am most looking forward to.

Guilt Flowers illuminates the interconnectedness of flowers, confessions and forgiveness. Performed by local florist and printmaker Alina Tang, the one-on-one performance event asks participants to talk about somebody that they have wronged. Alina will then create a personalised bouquet of flowers for participants to give as a gift to the person from whom they are seeking forgiveness. Guilt Flowers will undoubtedly push its participants to be brave, vulnerable and honest. Furthermore, as a sucker for pretty flowers, I am particularly curious to see how human emotions will manifest themselves through bouquets of flowers.


Guilt Flowers is a free performance running from 6 – 21 February at the Cultural Centre.

Photo Credit: Fringe World Festival

We’ve all experienced the frustration of unwelcome hunger when seeing a particularly appetising meal in the two-dimentional realm (#foodporn is one dangerous hash tag). This is where Eat Your Art Out steps in. As the perfect performance for anybody who finds equal pleasure in art and food, Eat Your Art Out pairs famous works of modern art with the food and drink that inspired their conception. Thus, viewers have the opportunity to both view the artwork as well as indulge in their edible muses. Expect to see the honey pistachio parfait that inspired Richard Avedon, Wayne Thiebaid’s buttercream cakes and other delicacies.


Eat Your Art Out is on 20 February at The Sparrow’s Nest Cafe. Buy your tickets here.

Photo credit: Fringe World Festival

Hailing from the Netherlands, World Press Photo is an independent, non-profit organisation renowned for hosting the world’s most prestigious annual photojournalism contest. Each year, the winning photographs are compiled into an exhibition that travels to 45 countries and is frequented by over two million people. This year’s Fringe World Festival will mark the Australian premiere of World Press Photo. In addition to a preview of the 2015 contest’s winning photographs, this event will showcase the works of internationally awarded documentary photographers and the six best multimedia productions from the students of Edith Cowan University. This celebration of the world’s best photojournalism is not to be missed.


World Press Photo is on 20 February at PS Art Space. Buy your tickets here. 

Photo credit: Fringe World Festival 

Featured Image: Fringe World Big Top venue

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