This Will Destroy You at the Corner Hotel Melbourne

– by Louise Richardsurl

Post-rock royalty This Will Destroy You, graced the stage at Melbourne’s Corner Hotel on Thursday night. While I’m an avid listener of This Will Destroy You, I was not prepared for the heaviness the night brought. A string of heavy metal-esque instrumental acts opened for the Texan four-piece, including ‘Meniscus’ and ‘Hazards of Swimming Naked.’ Exuding high-pitched sounds, I was left having to hold my ears throughout their sets, in fear that they might bleed out.
Opening with ‘New Topia’ from their current album, Another Language, the band  brought me some piece of mind. The uplifting and crushingly melancholic instrumentals made each track feel as though it was a keep-calm-and-this-will-destroy-you-2part of the one before it. Embracing the emotional rollercoaster, you were dragged between gut-wrenching drumming to ambient guitar swells to silence, of which they weren’t afraid of integrating into their set.
I was initially questioning how their music would translate live but that scepticism quickly disappeared. For a band that is best suited to moments of reflection in solitude, they were able to transport me to isolation while in a crowded room.
My one regret from the show was that I did not bring any weed. Before their encore, the band asked anyone that had some bud to meet them at the merch table after the show so they can light up and “explore each other’s minds”. With music like theirs, I would kill to have been given the opportunity to pick their brain, even if it meant participation in the consumption of illicit substances.

Photo Credit: This Will Destroy You

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