This Will Destroy You Announce Aus Tour

– by Louise Richards

Texas is home to a lot of things: cowboys, American Barbeque, George Bush. But for many avid alternative music listeners, Texas is home to much more. With the likes of bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Balmorhea and, in particular, This Will Destroy You, Texas has become the martyr of post-rock music. While their name draws connotations with something from a death metal band, This Will Destroy You is much more of an ambient heavy rock band. Their songs are reflections of the bands members’ exceptional musicality, with each song taking listeners on 8-minute long journeys, which are both emotionally draining and enlightening. You are left in a welcomed state of anxiety, where any minute an eruption could occur.

Bringing their destructive but ambient, heavy but melodic instrumental rock to our shores next month, Texas locals and post-rock royalty, This Will Destroy You, will delight the ears of Australian post-rock fans.

The band rose to worldwide prominence with the release of their debut album Young Mountain in 2006. Since then, their popularity has exploded with a series of EPs and follow up albums S/T and Tunnel Blanket.

Playing a string of small sold-out shows for their Australian debut in 2013, the band make their long-anticipated return in June on the back of their fourth studio album Another Language. They will premiere material from their new album throughout Australia, including several massive shows in Auckland and Wellington alongside Sydney’s sleepmakeswaves. 


Tuesday June 9 – Amplifier, Perth WA – tickets

Photo Credit: This Will Destroy You 

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