The Smith Street Band at Capitol

-by Carla Avendano

Even though this wasn’t a sold out gig like the rest, their first show in Perth went off. The boys from The Smith Street Band perform with an abundance amount of energy.

Opening act Luca Brasi smashed the stage with their punk rock tracks off If This is all Were Going to Be album, they set off the night to a brilliant start as the band was full of energy capturing the crowd putting on a great buzz. Having the fans driven by energy and excitement it wasn’t until The Smith Street Band came on that they were in full effect. The nights show may not have been sold out but Capitol was packed full of fans.

Starting off with I Love Life, the song had the massive crowd greet the stars with a sing-a-long no doubt everyone in the venue knew most of their songs off by heart as the sing-a-long’s continued throughout most of the night. Surrey Dive really had the growing mosh pit at the front of the stage go hard, Wil Wagner performs with such drive and passion whilst belting out the lyrics to all their songs. Ducks fly Together and Tom Busby followed the crowd bursting into song showing The Smith Street Band as much love as what they give in performing. It’s such an overwhelming feeling jamming along side head bangers punk rockers enjoying the show amongst the variety of fans these guys have.

Surrender went off with the mosh getting heavily used, crowd surfing and a lot of head banging and jumping around, new single Death To The Lads was unfortunately interrupted by a lad who decided to throw a few punches which didn’t go down very well at all with the bands frontman Wil Wagner who stopped mid way to let the venues guard know to get this guy out now and even though social media had made this a bit of a bigger drama then what is was, a lot of fans have condemned his attitude and even though you shouldn’t resolve violence with violence it has to be understood the frustration from bands who do come to Perth and deal with fights breaking out at their gigs, hopefully Friday night’s show can be a turn over. If you haven’t checked out Death To The Lads I highly recommend that you do.

After the drama dispersed the band was right back into it and even though some were feeling a bit mixed emotions the rest continued to enjoy the great music that this Aussie band brings. Get High, See No One had the crowd back into moshing singing out loud and overall just feeling the pure enjoyment it is to watch these guys give it their all. I Don’t Wanna Die shouted out to anyone dealing with mental health issues, these guys are fully aware of what issues society is dealing with. I Cant Feel My Face a personal favourite was up next which in my feels of ‘being in the aura of the moment’ was just perfect the crowd was at an all time natural high. Don’t Fuck With Our Dreams and the emotional Throw Me In The River came to see the show to an end but these Smith Street fans weren’t letting them leave without an encore.

Even though The Smith Street Band had a huge set and preformed with the rawness you want to see at gigs like this, Perth chanted “one more song, one more song” until the guys came back onto the stage and ripped out Young Drunk, a perfectly beautiful song to end the night definitely fit for the occasion. A great band and a great night Smith Street are always welcomed back.

Photo Credit: The Smith Street Band

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