The Rusty Datsuns – Riverbank











Tom Munday


Releasing a new album whilst ending its farewell tour late last year, bluegrass-roots group The Rusty Datsuns has displayed its true potential and raw talent. Their harmonic sounds and profound lyrics provide a comforting relief for the summer months. Aiming for an eclectic vibe, their new album, Riverbank, is a soulful assortment of 10 all-important tracks. Touring Australia, they have brought this off-kilter music style to thousands of eager followers. Hopefully, this inspired album will become an even more successful drawcard.

The album poetically begins with the titular song. Riverbank introduces us to its gleeful sounds and poetic vocals. With each lyric, the emotional impact grows steadily forceful. Lyrics including: “Life is like a kayak, you keep on searching for the flow” establish a unique brand of charm that continues throughout the album. Ascending in quality, the album experiments with vastly different instrumental riffs and vocalists. The harmonic vocals of its third track, Pastis, develop an enlightening rhythm for this immediately engaging number. Kicked into gear with a memorable chorus, this track is a sure-fire mood-changer and album stand out.

Like The Waifs’ recognisable sounds, The Rusty Datsuns’ soulful tunes illuminate each track’s engaging topics. Throughout the album, the tracks quickly find their footing and tell one electrifying and optimistic story after another. The sixth track, Bum Bum Bum, features insightful lyrics about a perfect date. Delivered breezily, each lyric develops this influential tale of love and happiness. Tapping into their kinetic bluegrass roots, the group caps off the album with a spirited and lively track. Billy Bob becomes a kinetic and enjoyable track with a quotable chorus. Combining ingenious rhythms, multi-talented instrumentalists and vocalists, and unabashed enthusiasm, The Rusty Datsuns latest, and final, album illustrates just how influential and electrifying they are for their loyal followers.

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