The Rhythm Spectacular – The Music of Beyoncé @ De Parel Spiegeltent




By Ebony Campbell

Presented by Adam Hall and The Velvet Playboys, this show is packed with Beyoncé covers. From the first moment you step into the De Parel Spiegeltent, a world of vintage glitz and glamour engulfs you, and you’d be lucky if there were no spare seats, because you’d  have an excuse to be up and dancing.

Beautiful booths, bodies and a well stocked bar added to that the musical styling of Adam Hall and the Velvet Playboys, resulting in a dapper evening indeed. My one wish is that I’d gone all out and worn sequins!

The spectacle opened with the cast entering through the crowd, and as soon as the trumpets sounded we knew we were in for a treat.  Taking the lead and commanding the crowd was soul royalty Yara Neto. She looked every bit the part as she somehow blasted out larger-than-life renditions of  ‘Love On Top’ and ‘Irreplaceable’ from her sparkly, petite body.

The Velvet Playgirl dancers were a welcome addition and hard to keep your eyes off. Their simple, yet eye-popping, costumes and broad grins made up for their occasional less than perfect timing. Their inclusion definitely encouraged the stiff Monday night audience to loosen up and bob along.

Jessie Gordon was the highlight (because we all know what the charismatic Adam Hall is capable of) and the unexpected star of the show,. She really is the complete package! Her sultry, sugary vocals on tracks such as ‘If I Was a Boy’ and ‘At Last’ were only upstaged by her hilarious revision of the lyrics of ‘Check Up On It’. A crowd favourite, Gordon is one to watch out for.

As in 2010 and 2011, ‘The Rhythm Spectacular – The Music of Beyoncé’ sold out before opening night. This is a true testament to how impressive this entire outfit can be for 60-minutes. Next time, get your funds together early and ‘Work It Out’ (Yeah, I had to!).

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