The park is open- Jurassic World trailer

– by David Morgan-Brown

Back in 2007, I heard a rumour that the next Jurassic Park movie would have dinosaurs using guns in it. Today I now find out this has not ended up materialising in the long-awaited trailer for Jurassic World (the fourth in the series), but I’m still futilely holding my breath that this will at least make a brief appearance in this film when it comes out next June. Despite this, I’m hardly disappointed by the trailer for what must be the most significant film in the series since the original. The park is now officially open for the public, despite all the problems and trauma they had in the first three films.

Not a whole lot of destruction can be seen in this trailer, instead we are invited and taken through the wonder and spectacle of the park like I’m sure John Hammond intended, giving us an idea of the scope of the park and the many prehistoric attractions (varying greatly in size) that roam around and will inevitably run amok. This trailer has been eagerly awaited, but the release of this preview has been marketed brilliantly to bring absolutely anyone who’s heard of Jurassic Park to give it a watch and judge for themselves. I’m glad there’s plenty of excitement the filmmakers have saved for the film itself, including the D-rex, the hybrid dinosaur – overall the trailer is as exciting and as satisfying as it ought to be, but I’m still holding out for dinosaurs with guns.


Photo credit- ScreenRant

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