The Night Jar @ The Chrissie Parrot Arts Centre




By Jennifer Hocking

Scott Patrick Mitchell’s very brave and confident performance poetry is filled with passion, dark desires, sadness and a healthy dose of humour.

The young man (who is using The Night Jar as a catharsis after finishing his PhD) filled the large space at Chrissie Parrott Arts Centre with his edgy, sometimes controversial poetry, and was upbeat throughout. There was none of your 1990s brand of soul seeking darkness here.

The audience was large and helped him out with his ‘on the spot’ poetry, where Mitchell had to come up with a poem using the words ‘cows’, ‘energy drinks’ and ‘the world according to Kylie Minogue’.

The poems that worked best were the more humorous ones, such as those about his noisy neighbours and a foot fetish. However Mitchell didn’t make the best use of the rhythmic beat being played throughout the performance, which I feel is key in the enjoyment and understanding of this type of poetry.

It’s hard to write about the big things in life, such as love and death, without making them seem a bit, well, cosmic, and Mitchell did fall into this trap from time to time. However, that is probably because, as was plain to see, this is a very passionate man who feels emotions to the extreme.

‘The Night Jar’ @ Chrissie Parrot Arts Centre runs on the 22nd & 23rd February, 8.30PM.

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